This Week’s Music Obsessions #2

Last night I didn’t get a chance to see a horror movie since I was just tired and wanted to watch some brainless TV series, so I did just that 🙂 That will resume tonight as I can afford to not sleep on Friday nights and sleep in on Saturday. YAY! Although I doubt I’ll pick anything intense.

I haven’t done these music obsessions in a while.  Last time I did it, I had fun just sharing it. Take 2 sounds like a good idea, right?  If you want to see the first one, you can check it out HERE!

Lets start off with something related to Halloween!

This is a music video  of one of my favorite singers, David Tao.  Even if you don’t understand a word that he says, watch the video, k? Its like a horror movie mixed in 🙂 Plus, it has a good energetic beat to it all. The song is called Ghost.

I’ve been getting back to some Chinese music, especially the amazing world of David Tao.

Another huge obsession is that I’m a big fan of AFI.  Although sometimes, I’m not too up to date with stuff, but my boyfriend reminded me that their new album is coming out October 22 and I’m super excited.  I loved their last album a whole lot: Medicate, Beautiful Thieves and before that album, Miss Murder.  All of them are awesome songs and I’ve linked the video to the song title 🙂 There are already two music videos from their upcoming album on Youtube and they are quite good as well 🙂

First one is called 17 Crimes.

Next up is I Hope You Suffer.

I like both of them but I might like the second one just a little more 🙂

Now that we’ve gotten all dark and twisted, weird music out of the way.  I’m going to end with something a bit more fun and cute from the very awesome Shawn Desman and his music video of Stuck.

Just for some throwback purpose, I learned that I’m more open about it but when Backstreet Boys and N’Sync goes on the radio, its an energy booster.  Anyone feel that way? At 5:30am, driving to and from the airport, I turned on the radio in the middle of Backstreet Boys’s Everybody…

What can I say? As much as I was more of an N’Sync fan, Backstreet boys did come along earlier and when I was in Grade 6 or something and that really was a thing during that time.  Memories and nostalgia takes a hold of me every single time 😉

Happy Friday everyone!

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