Are You Ready To Face Your Fears?


I felt like I need to actually get a post up to start things off around here! Movie marathon, events and baked goods related to Halloween will go up! The normal photo challenges will go up and workout updates as well but those are the only ones that will not be Halloween related..unless oddly, I find a way to incorporate it in 😉

I may not have a movie review to go up today.  However, I do have an event/project that I’ve just learned about that is going to launch in Montreal this coming Saturday called Peur Depot (aka Fear Depot).

What is this all about, right?

peur depot

Peur Depot features essentially 10 sensorial trails. Its put together by 10 forty foot containers and the concept is that its facing your fears but removing the danger element.  Nothing is in your control and you really just follow and continue on the trails.  Provided there is still a lot of mystery as to how it actually will be as its the first year this has been put together here.

This is exactly what the creators of Peur Dépôt.(Fear Depot) have realized. Each time a visitor will enter into one of the 10 sensory courses, he won’t have control over anything : no control over what he sees, over his behaviour and above all over the outcome of the situation. In real life , this loss of control is synonymous with danger. But if we take away the danger factor from the fear , all we are left with is this high intensity thrill , as if we had the privilege to explore a normally forbidden domain. –

As I was flipping through some of the pictures and reading through some articles, I started thinking its a new twist on the fear factory concept: walking in complete darkness for 12-15 minutes at a time. Thinking about it somewhat freaks me out as fear of the dark is already one of my biggest phobias in itself. I’m guessing they are so confident that they actually offer the second trail for half price provided you finish the first one. One of the articles state that they will play with your mind and your senses with projections, mechanical sceneries and even people that will scare you when you least expect it.

(My translation) The creators of this frightening attraction wants to offer an experience that touches the world.  “People will be confronted with a variety of fears: fear of the dark, of unknown, of cold, of insects, of death,etc.  There are no monster, vampires, these are all things can happen to us.  Its even more scary than the things that don’t exist”.- Journal Metro

Fear Depot has two themes/trails: Urbania and Claustrophobia with 5 trails each (from what I understand) Which one would intrigue you more?

Some of you actually might be interested in this, because even as chicken as I am, I’m still debating on going…I’m going to wait for some reviews before I decide.  I’m not exactly sure I’m ready to face my fears yet and just be totally put in a situation where I’m completely not in control.  Would you?

For more information on this event, you can check out HERE!

What are your biggest fears? Would you be game to do this? Do you think I should? Anybody want to join me (provided you are close enough to go?)

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