Exhibit: The Beatles in Montreal

The Beatles is one of the biggest musical sensations that hit the world.  I love a lot of their music.   My parents love their music and I know some of my relatives even would know their music.  Long after they have broken up and now even two members are no longer here, they still remain very dear to many people, especially those that were able to witness their presence.

I was extremely excited when I heard The Beatles exhibit was going to be in Montreal for a year at the museum in Old Montreal called Pointe a Calliere. Pointe a Calliere is Montreal’s Museum of Archeaology and History.  One pass for this exhibit costs $20 and lets you gain access to every exhibit, temporary and permanent, available at the museum.

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

The Beatles in Montreal begins!

This exhibit is not in the main building but the secondary one, Mariner’s House, situated across the street and talks about The Beatles career and history.  It holds a lot of their gold records, past performance videos, a very expensive car that they had, pictures, posters, and one of the most interesting was all the fan/promotional merchandise that was available. They even had about 20 guitars that they had used.  Some are replicas as they were broken on stage or in some other ways.

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

The famous Rolls Royce!

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Some of the guitars on display

A room of The Beatles merchandise

A room of The Beatles merchandise


The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Gold records that lined the walls


The Bealtes in Montreal exhibit

Posters were all over the place as well

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Portraits of the individual band members

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Jukebox that had their songs

There was even one area where they had a karaoke area and you could sing karaoke with The Beatles and be a 5th Beatle.

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Singing with the Beatles

Look at my friend and I singing our hearts out 😉 We were just pretending but we did manage to play two videos and record it. Here’s one of each.  I’m sure most of you can guess the songs.

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Twist and Shout karaoke

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

I Want To Hold Your Hand karaoke

One of the best parts was at the end of the exhibit when they showed a portion of the video from their rooftop performance at Apple Studio.  They put the screen on the top and gave us seats to somewhat relive that experience.

The Beatles in Montreal exhibit!

My friends with their headphones listening to the rooftop concert!


The Beatles in Montreal exhibit

Screen up top with the rooftop video

Throughout the exhibit, one thing was undeniable.  The massive impact they were and the musical phenomenon that swept the world.


With that last sign: Across the Universe For All Time, that marked the end of the exhibit! The exhibit was a great memorabilia of this this awesome band! If it tours to your city, provided you are a fan, you should definitely go check it out 🙂

If you are nearby, this exhibit is here in Montreal till end of March 2014. Hope you’ll have a chance to check it out 🙂

Do you like The Beatles? Whats your favorite song?

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