Exhibits and October Annoucements!

Usually I post up my personal update on on Saturday but since I had one midweek HERE, I decided to wait for tonight to give you the fresh news as to whats up in my very awesome (but mostly boring) life 😉

My eye is doing very well by the way! 🙂 Its probably going to be a slow recovery but it will get there and thats the great part about it, right?

This weekend has been absolutely fabulous weather and this morning was my hangout with my girl friends.  One of them is a fellow blogger Day’s Lee.  If you haven’t visited her blog, you definitely should.  She’s new with the blogosphere so give her some support 🙂 She’s a great friend and previous coworker of mine and we always have lots of fun along with our other friend (who I was bridesmaid for back in May).

Today’s girl outings started with a delicious brunch at Quartier Dix30 at Oeuf & Cie.

Oeuf & Cie

Breakfast at Oeuf & Cie

After that, we went off to Old Montreal at the Point a Calliere Museum to see The Beatles in Montreal exhibit.


The more detailed post will go up for this exhibit and another one that this ticket allowed access to called La Route du The (The Tea Route) will go up some time on Monday.


Both of the exhibits were really awesome and I urge you to drop by tomorrow to check it out.  After I post this, I’ll be flipping through the pictures in detail to get the post done 🙂

Tonight, I also had a long awaited date night with my boyfriend 🙂 We went to see Riddick.  The review is coming up.  I didn’t end up rewatching Chronicles of Riddick so to keep things short.  It was a tad slow and I saw about 70% of that movie and slept through the other parts.  Maybe I will revisit it one day but since I already saw the new one. I might as well do that review first.  I’m sure its more relevant as well.  That should go up tomorrow as well.

Aside from all the blog drafting, here is the OCTOBER ANNOUNCEMENT!

Most of you probably weren’t following me last October but I did a very interesting (for me) Halloween marathon that featured almost 30 movies (if I remembered correctly).  10 animated, 10 thrillers, and ending with 10 intense horror films.  It was crazy hectic so I’m going with less this year and well, I have the lineup done already for the most part.  The highlight will be my Halloween series marathon.  I had a debate between that and Friday the 13th…but that won because I had recently bought all the movies when I was in Burlington 🙂 I will also be doing random horror of all kinds here and there.  My goal is to have the first review up on Tuesday.  I’ll be aiming for about 15 movies in this marathon.

For October, I’m going to keep it mostly Halloween theme so I have some baking planned and a few exhibits (one confirmed so far) planned.  It’ll be fun! I also have a few movies that I want to see in theatres so if all that happens, October will prove to be a very eventful one that one will make up for this past one and the coming one in November.  Lets not get ahead of ourselves though 🙂

Before I head off, here’s a cute little picture of my cat, who is encouraging me to sleep all the time and succeeding this week…


Remember to drop by again and check out the exhibits and for the eventful October Halloween month ! 🙂

If you have any movies you’d like to suggest (preferably on Netflix), I’d love to hear some suggestions or recommendations! What do you usually like to make for Halloween?

Last year, I also did a piano cover of Candyman theme (you can see it HERE)! I was thinking of doing another one, any horror movie theme song that you’d like me to do?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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