What Working Out Has Taught Me…

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I have made a very important decision this week after this ridiculous craziness of funky depression has gotten over me for the last while.  Mostly because I’m not one to complain and whine (except to my boyfriend), its time to take that motivation I have for working out and using that positive to pull myself back up.

I hate to dwell on negative thoughts and feeling down and today after having a chat with my boyfriend that I found was really me being really blah, there was something that clicked.  It happens a lot when I have talks with my boyfriend.  Maybe its being together for so long that he knows how to steer back to the step-by-step mode and not overwhelming everything-at-once mode.

Working out and staying fit has taught me quite a bit and in many ways, I can use those same things to apply to staying positive in my own life.

Many times I feel like this and this is what leads me into a spiral of bashing myself down:

wasting your life

You know that feeling? Things just seem to all go wrong and wrong and wrong and wrong, etc. Nothing ever seems to go right and you feel like you have the wrong match for everything, life is stagnated and you’re not really following any of your dreams.  Then, you know that things are not so bad because tons of people have it worse and you feel bad for feeling bad about that.  Does that even make any sense? All the energy gets put into staying positive and reminding ourselves that we are going in the right direction.

Working out is like that, right? You have to do this:

learn to love the burn

Everything we go through is that burn–the pain and bad stuff that goes on–but once we get through it, there’s more to be grateful for and more to be proud of.  We’re not, in fact, wasting our lives, Its just taking things one step at a time. Those steps will help us achieve strength.

“Being strong is one of the single greatest things you can do for yourself.” That strength reminds me that I’m breathing today and that I’ve achieved something more or just something new.  I’m grateful for what I have at that moment.  It turns rainy weather into fun times…

Because there’s always two ways to look at every situation and its how I make the situation.  I see and feel how I choose to. I can choose to splash in the puddles and not hate the rain for soaking my shoes, right?

At the end of the day when I’m done being strong and my strength is depleted, I can go home and grab one of these to relax…

Then I can get a cwtch from my boyfriend (or even my mom)…

Because thats how I feel when I see the person I love and that feeling recharges my mind, body and soul.

that is home

I’m at home! Happiness is really that easy for me so whats stopping from being positive when I already have a home, I know I have strength and I know I can learn to love the burn in life.  After everything thats gone on, thats really all that matters sometimes: being able to just be happy and grateful for everything that I have.

Plus, I have a bonus, right? I’ve met all of you awesome people and this blog has lead me to see so much and learn so much, no matter what all of you write about 🙂

I’ll heading off to work for some overtime in a little bit but somehow things feel so much lighter and just simply great!

Have a very awesome Saturday! 🙂

Remember to click on some of the pictures, they will link you to some nice posts, I urge you to specifically check out the one on “cwtch”  and the drink.  They are both very awesome blogs that I think all of you will enjoy 🙂

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