Welcoming Autumn with Mid autumn Festival :)

Nothing much happened this past week but nothing did feel quite right either.  Maybe its the fatigue from the long driving back from the previous weekend away or maybe its just the things at work that aren’t really going my way, I don’t know the reason but it definitely felt so exhausting.  Somehow blogging was one of the few joys I had other than watching a bunch of movies and reviewing them (also blog-related).

What was I up to this week, you ask?

First of all, in Chinese tradition according to the lunar calender, on Thursday was our Mid-Autumn Festival, also called Moon Festival 🙂 My boyfriend’s graveyard shift also meant that I would be passing it pretty much alone as he slept through the evening before work.  I’m okay with that, not complaining. Work is work, right? This gave me time to head out and take some pictures of the beautiful full moon.  I don’t have those kick ass lenses for my DSLR yet so thats the best zoom I have. Still, I’d say, it was a nice night to sit outside and admire the moon.

Full moon on Sept 19 :)

Full moon on Sept 19 🙂

After that I came back in to eat some moon cakes.  My mom bought me two before she left for her Europe trip.

Moon Cake Maxim

Traditional Moon cake: Lotus Seed paste with two yolks

The inside of the moon cake

The inside of the Traditional moon cake

Five Nuts Moon Cake

Five Nuts Moon Cake

Inside of Five Nuts moon cake

Inside of Five Nuts moon cake

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the second time.  I’m more old-fashioned and like the traditional ones, although I prefer the ones with one yolk 🙂 Have you eaten moon cakes before? They also have one type which is modernized called snowy moon cakes.  I plan on making those one day, along with testing out how to make some moon cake cupcakes.  What do you think?

My mom’s friend also came by and dropped off some moon cakes which resembles snowy moon cakes that she made and they look adorable.


When Friday came by, I was relieved when the day ended and enjoyed a nice meal with some delicious rose wine.

Gallo White Zinfandel :)

Gallo White Zinfandel 🙂

While I was watching lots of movies on the previous weekend, I ended up binge watching and finishing the Season 1 of Under the Dome!

under the dome poster

Have you seen Under the Dome? Do you like it? Its totally awesome! 🙂

I’m asking all of you that need skincare! This week’s huge expense was in a matter of 10 minutes.  I’ve been on the low of taking selfies because my skin is flipping out on me so I had to talk to the beauty skincare specialist to suggest what to do which ended up in a 10 minute chat that cost me $120.  *faints*


Those two little bottles…ugh! Lets hope it works, so far it seems to be on the right track 🙂

Today was supposed to be apple picking day but we’ve been having crazy winds so I’m typing this after my baked goods just got out of oven! That recipe will go up on Monday morning :).

This week’s music obsession is from a very awesome local band called Perfect Sideline.  Hope you enjoy!

Its partially in French but its really good and I love the beat!

For some nice Pinterest combination since I didn’t get a post up yesterday! I would love these two baked goods!

How can I leave out cute animal pictures, right?

I can’t believe that Halloween is just coming up in a bit over a month.  My boyfriend’s sister already told us the two possible themes for the party and now its brainstorming on what to do. Some of you know already that I went as Alice last year from Resident Evil: Apocalyse.  I would’ve preferred the 4th or 5th but that getup was a lot harder to find the stuff for.  Any of you having some Halloween parties this year?

On the note of Halloween, I’m drafting up my list of movies for the Halloween marathon.  Originally, I wanted to do a full slasher month, but I figured I’d go crazy after it so I’m going to do a movie of the 6 Halloween movies and then continue on with some horror thrillers.  It’ll be a month of very limited sleep once that second part starts, but hey, it might just be fun 🙂 Plus, I also have jotted down some baked goods with Halloween themes and can’t wait to test them out.  Last year was Glow in the Dark cupcakes and they were a massive hit 🙂

Lots of planning coming along.  The weekend away really recharged my energy for writing so I’m happy to be right back on track! I have a few festivals I want to visit also. October will be a busy month, but first, lets get September over with first, right?

Have a great weekend! I’m back to my chores and making some dinner 🙂


11 thoughts on “Welcoming Autumn with Mid autumn Festival :)

  1. I tried to watch Under the Dome but it was so different from the book, and I had the book still so fresh in my mind, that it was throwing me off. I’ll have to try watching it again in a year or so when I’ve forgotten more of the book and can see the tv show as a separate entity.


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