Week 26&27: Mid Challenge Update!

Two weeks has passed since I dedicated myself to some of the challenges on Tribesports community.  I announced what I was going to do HERE if you’d like to check it out!

14 days workout has passed by.  The first week felt extremely long as everything looked and felt so challenging.  However, after today’s end of the second week, the challenges have become a part of my routine but it still takes a lot to keep going.  Its a constant fight to do the challenge exercises for that day.

Finishing Day 14 today, I’ve gone from my initial Day 1 doing 50 body weight squats to tonight’s 135.  The every 3 days rest really works wonders to help recuperate a little. For the arm workouts, I’ve gone up to doing 2 sets of 29 tricep dips, 2 sets of 21 (full-body) push ups, and dropping back down to 4 sets of 5 bicep curls.  The improvement is that I’ve increased my weights. Its great to gradually feel stronger in my upper body which has always been my weakness.

This weekend being away from my home, the fitness centre forced me to increase the weights.  However, I did feel they were too much for me at the current stage so I went back down to 8lbs once I got home.  I have a weaker upper body and I need to try to avoid any injuries so I’m trying to push myself but not overly.

Coming to that, the new training log functionality on Tribesports is really awesome because you can log in whatever you did  or the ones associated with the challenges or workouts you set to do.  Its pretty efficient because it helps keep track of the progress made.  I find that not only motivational but organized.  That always helps, especially when my memory is a bit fluky and I have to recount the days I did or when I did what.  Seriously, Tribesports added something awesome.

As much as adding in extra cardio has been a big not happening phase, I did manage to squeeze in a full body workout last night at the fitness centre while my best friend was doing her jogging.  Eating too much on vacation tends to give me an excess supply of energy.  I did a workout called Tribesports Full Body Dumbbell Workout.

Click on image for workout details

I have been craving to do a full body workout in a while.  Sometimes, the challenges moves are so short and quick.  Even though they are tiring, nothing really beats the feeling of doing a full-body routine.  This one definitely is quite fun to do.  It covers a really complete set of muscles and I felt pretty much spent after that.  It didn’t appear to be as tiring but it really is efficient and I highly recommend this.

I’m ready to carry on and finish these challenges in style and come back next time with good news 🙂 If I happen to do another extra workout, I’ll talk about it next time!

Happy Monday! 🙂

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