Home Sweet Home!

After a 3 day weekend getaway with my best friend, I finally  have made it back home.

I’d like to apologize if I haven’t been on any blogs or posted anything as I had wanted to do.  My hotel ended up having some really sporadic internet that caused my phone, tablet and computer all have trouble at the same time.  It made everything from uploading pictures to typing up blogs and saving drafts a pain.

Things will be back to  normal tomorrow morning! I have a few movie reviews planned for next week.  The TIFF movies that I saw being the priority.  My best friend and I had 6 hours to discuss both of the movies driving back to Montreal from Toronto here and there.

Aside from that, expect some restaurant and food posts along with a few little extras 🙂

Just a short post to say that I’m back and Tranquil Dreams will be up and running starting tomorrow.

I also have about 700 posts to read from all of you and its making my email inbox look a bit intimidating and overwhelming but I promise, I’ll get to it slowly during the week.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!

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