On the Road..(yet again)!

Morning my awesome blogging buddies!

As the title says, I’m on the road again for the weekend! By the time this posted, I will have left already and happily (hopefully, if traffic cooperates, we never know in Montreal) on my way to the wonderful and bustling city of Toronto.

I have nothing in particular scheduled except to have an fun girls getaway with my best friend.  The only thing planned is 2 movies at Toronto Film Fest (TIFF) to see Rigor Mortis and The Wind Rises tonight and Sunday respectively.  I have to send out some thanks to Daniel at Daniel’s Film Reviews for helping me figure out the schedule for my busy day today. I also need to thank Joseph at Cinema Monster for all the updates related to the movies screening before the event so that I ended up being tempted to go 🙂 Compared to them I’m extremely late to the party since this is the last weekend, I believe.  I’m just grateful that the schedules of the movies I wanted to see landed on the weekend. Click on their links, those are the reviews of movies they saw at TIFF.  Remember to explore both of their blogs because its quality stuff 🙂

Also, please pray that my best friend and I both get out of that Rigor Mortis movie alive.  We’re both scaredy cats so I’m not exactly sure how that’ll turn out but I was too curious to pass up that chance.  Well, good thing is that it overlaps Saturday where I have nothing planned, so worse some to worse, I’ll just stay up and write up that review afterwards 😉 On the note of reviews, I will try to have that one up the night of if possible.  The Wind Rises will have to wait since I have to get back on the road in the afternoon to get back to Montreal. Work (a lot of it) awaits me on Monday!

You know that I wouldn’t leave you with nothing.  As always, I will let you all bring in Friday and the weekend with some awesome music! Pump up the energy!

I do have another post drafted for tomorrow 🙂 However, I won’t be answering comments as frequently but I will get back to you!

Talk soon 🙂

11 thoughts on “On the Road..(yet again)!

  1. Have fun, I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about The Wind Rises!!! I was thinking of going to Toronto for it too, but it’s kinda too far from NYC T_T Sounds like it’s gonna be an awesome weekend!


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