A Word A Week Challenge: Square

Earlier today, I posted the response to last week’s challenge for ORNATE!

This week’s word SQUARE chose by A Word in Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge is one thats immensely simpler.

I’m not sure about you but maybe it a force of habit in the very dog poop filled streets of Old Montreal, that when I travel, I also tend to look down as I walk.  I also look up above me.  Maybe its because I always tend to think seagulls are out to get me.  Whatever the reason, I end up seeing a lot of patterns and there’s a lot of those that are square.

I’m going to use last year’s Hong Kong trip as my focus for this challenge (AGAIN!).

Western Monastery

Ceiling of Western Monastery decored with cranes

Stanley Hong Kong

Stanley, a hallway near the Maritime Museum


Kowloon Walled City Park

Chess Garden in Kowloon Walled City Park

Anyone want to play a game of Chinese Chess? 😉

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Old Hong Kong district in Ocean Park

Squares of the Dimsum sheet at the restaurant

Squares of the Dimsum sheet at the restaurant

The only time I can eat Dimsum every single day is when I’m in Hong Kong.  Its just too delicious and awesome! The thought of it makes me crave for it 🙂

Anyone seeing squares now? What does squares make you think of?

This is my response to A Word in Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge: Square! Click HERE to check out more entries and join in if you have your own take of SQUARE!

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