Friends, Family and Celebration!

I took a day off from posting yesterday to deal with some of my own stuff.  It was good.  I let that overwhelming feeling all come out in the form of tears.  Usually that can be quite therapeutic as well.  Its not resolved but at least a lot of hidden emotional stress has been released and I’m seeing things in a much different light with the help of my wonderful boyfriend.

This really brought up my mood and it still is doing it.

I’m a N’Sync fan.  What can I say? Jason Chen is a pretty good Youtube artist and this was a fun cover 🙂

Last weekend the Labour day weekend and on Sunday we went to my boyfriend’s friend’s place and met a bunch of their friends.  We were supposed to go to the Festi-Biere, a beer festival.  The weather was pretty fantastic but with my boyfriend’s new schedule, we only made it for the barbecue at night.  His friend is a very awesome person and he has a beautiful house in a nice quiet part of the suburbs.  At any new events, being an introvert, I usually do well with alcoholic beverage and he made this one for me:

Sour Puss, Lemon Liquor and juice

Sour Puss, Lemon Liquor and juice

Afterwards, I learned that he was previously employed as a bartender and so this drink was the real deal, half alcohol and half juice.  Being the lightweight that I am, it had me loose really quick 🙂

By the end of the night, we all sat around the outdoors fireplace and chatted a bit.


Nice, peaceful, fun and relaxing night with friends is always a great thing.

On Friday, I met up with one of my longest friends. I think its almost 20 years that we’ve known each other. Even though we do hang out once in a while, its amazing to see how we both have changed so much.  I’ve probably posted about the restaurant Les 3 Brasseurs but they make a kick-ass Sangria.

Les 3 Brasseurs Sangria

Red Sangria at Les 3 Brasseurs

She recently moved in with her fiance, who is a friend because he is also part of my dragonboat team.  I went over to check out the place and it was pretty nice.  While we waited, I had my whole workoutholic mode breakout and had to go down to check out their fantastic gym facilities.

Workout in dress pants!

Workout in dress pants! *excuse the blur*

I’m doing these two 30 day challenges over at Tribesports.  I’m amazed that I’ve already passed Day 6 and today is Day 7 which I still need to do later in the day.  I posted about that HERE, maybe you want to join me!

When her fiance finally got home, we ended up sitting down to drink some white wine. Its this sweet White wine called Aufkellerein.  Its pretty awesome.


Glass of White Wine 🙂

Yesterday (Saturday) was the quiet time for me.  I sat around and didn’t really feel like I did much except play the very addicting Facebook game Criminal Case, put together the project I’m working on (hopefully I’ll get that done today), and after watching so many movies, I decided to start this series on Thursday night and I’m totally hooked.

dollhouse tv

I know, I know.  All of you have probably seen it.  I’m still catching up with a whole bunch of stuff.  I really like it though. Did you like Dollhouse? Have you seen it?

The highlight of yesterday had to be the celebration dinner for my boyfriend’s parent’s 40 years of marriage.  Thats a big deal (to me).  They’ve gone through a lot together and it was a pretty happy moment.  They had wanted a dinner at a buffet called Jardin Tiki.

Jardin Tiki

Jardin Tiki

Lets say the front door is underwhelming.  At least they had some pretty nice decor.

Jardin Tiki

A giant dragon hanging from the ceiling!

And they had a pond with fishes and turtles right underneath that.  That was the Chinese part, then we walk in and its all Hawaiian mixed with African.  Showing Canada’s multiculturalism at its best.  Of course, we all ordered drinks and I was good and took a 7-up.  A bunch of people took these cool drinks including my boyfriend, his sister and her son.

My boyfriend, her sister and her son with their Aku Aku Coconut drinks

My boyfriend, her sister and her son with their Aku Aku Coconut drinks

After the drinks came, we went out to have food.  I’m not much of a buffet person and most of Montreal buffets aren’t really too good.  Plus, I can’t take outside Chinese food so I tried a bit of most of things and it was okay.  A bit salty for some stuff, especially the soy sauce fried rice (at least thats what it looked like).

My plate!

My plate!

My boyfriend's dessert plate with Eclairs

My boyfriend’s dessert plate with Eclairs

The best part was probably the Red Bean Sesame Balls.  Super delicious! 🙂

We actually had booked for the interior area with a band and dance floor where all the celebrations were so these guys started playing music and the kids kept going out to dance. Then, the singer calls out to the stars of the night at each table and we came to our table and my future in-laws.  They were asked to go out for a dance to Unchained Melody.  So sweet 🙂 Then there was a lot of dancing where my boyfriend’s mom asked him to go dance and then the kids with their adults, parents, and my future mother in laws sisters and their husbands.

40 years married and still very much in love :)

40 years married and still very much in love 🙂

My boyfriend and his mom

My boyfriend and his mom

The general dance floor, a lot of from our table

The general dance floor, a lot of from our table

I love these celebrations.  It makes me remember that long love really lasts a long time and I love family events 🙂

To go with that mood, there’s been this really cute (kind of sappy) song that I heard.  Its Chinese so you probably won’t understand the majority of it but the video is a bit dorky funny and I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Its called something like Loving Her Madly. Its by Alex To, Gary Chaw, Victor Wong, A Niu.

I translated the chorus: When I do something wrong, then I say I’m sorry. Even if I’m not the one thats wrong. Anything that she wants and wants to do is okay with me,  Oh…even if I can’t afford it. Have to learn to back off, learn to be stupid, thats okay with me, Can’t help it, can’t help it, can’t help it, Have to say I love you (chinese version), say I love you…

Thats a bit of the princess syndrome style. Here’s a good idea of what they mean.

Funny stuff!

Happy Sunday! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Friends, Family and Celebration!

  1. I watched Doll House a while ago, I love Eliza Dushku as Faith in Buffy, so it is kind of a must for me when I see she is in a movie or TV Show. I also obsessively watched Tru Calling with her, unfortunately both shows, Doll House and Tru Calling got an abrupt ending due to low ratings. However, Doll House has a satisfying conclusion, while Tru left you in the middle of nowhere. 😦 Great post! Happy Sunday!


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