Book Review: The First Pillar (Everville #1) by Roy Huff

In the heart of trying to expose some of the other talented writers we have in our blogosphere, I’d like to introduce you to Roy Huff who is writing a fantasy young adult series Everville and just released recently the second book, City of Worms.  After purchasing the first book, The First Pillar, a few months ago, I finally got around to reading it.  You can check out his blog HERE and follow him on Goodreads HERE.  Lets get this started with a little synopsis of The First Pillar.

Owen is a freshman starting his first year in Easton Falls University.  He and his two friends, Dante and Anika both are looking to be more involved aside from keeping up with their school work.  However, shortly after he arrives, he is drawn unexpectedly into another world Everville. He meets the Keeper and learns about the evil forces Them which are trying to take over The Other in Between.  As he drifts back and forth between the two worlds, he realizes that this new dimension is related to the real world he lives in and with the short time he has, he must not only help save Fron and the Keepers from Them but also prevent anything to happen in Easton Falls as well.

As most of you who have been checking out my book reviews in the past year, you would know that I’m a big fan of young adult novels.  I am no longer a young adult but there’s something about this genre that really works (for the most part). Its usually fun and exciting to read.  The First Pillar is a creative and imaginative fantasy adventure and being the first book of a series, it does set the stage well to have its readers looking for more.

However, there were a few things that bothered me.  One was the story layout.  It took a bit longer for me to actually get used to it and at times, I would get confused and have to go back and read again that chapter to determine what was happening and where Owen actually was.  Second, was that there were some parts I didn’t really see how it worked out realistically, but then I could overlook that as this is partially set in a fantasy world.

As much as this book had some little problems, I do acknowledge that the idea and concept behind it was very good and now that I’ve grasped the situation of the world of Everville a bit more than when I started, I do believe that it sets up a good stage for the next one.  I won’t get right to the second one just yet but I urge you to give this a shot.  Its a pretty decent read and a good debut for the series.  It has had a lot of awesome ratings and I believe you will enjoy it also 🙂

3 thoughts on “Book Review: The First Pillar (Everville #1) by Roy Huff

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