Friday Randomness: Bring on Labour Day Weekend!

Today I was going to have a review up, then halfway through my movie, my internet decided that it wanted to stop working so Netflix crashed.  In frustration I closed the computer and went to bed.  To make up for no review, I sat around thinking about what to post this morning.  There was no daily prompts that I felt inspired to do so I figured its Friday so why not go check out Pinterest? After all, I don’t usually go there too often…and well, an store’s email provoked me to check it out

I ended up getting mega addicted and repinned like 50 pins of everything!

So to say, maybe I can make this a Friday regular if you like it 🙂  This was what I was feeling for a good part of the day as I was deciding what to put together…

foolishly forget

My blog and all of YOU! 🙂

Isn’t it the cutest/sweetest quote?

Let’s check out what brought me here! For some of you who don’t know, Quebec doesn’t have Victoria’s Secret here but we have the VS owned La Senza.  Another thing you might not know is that I (used to be) obsessed with lingerie shopping but its WAY expensive so now I just like to internet shop with my eyes. Anyways, every month they have this Show Off event where you repin their stuff.  I’ve never done it before but I decided why not and I saw this ultra awesome/sexy/cute lingerie!

cute lingerie

I don’t know if other girls feel that way but nothing feels quite as fabulous as wearing nice lingerie.  It makes me feel confident all the time.  Maybe that sounds weird..I don’t know how to express that feeling.  Maybe I’m sharing too much *ahem*

Anyways, its the long weekend 🙂 I know I’m super happy! I’m feeling really crafty and I think its about time to clean my  messy room and how do I hit two birds with one stone? How about this little Pinterest inspirational organization idea?

mason jar project

Maybe I should search up Pinterest more and figure out how to reorganize my bookshelf and my DVD/Blu-ray shelf.  After those new recommendations month movie purchases, I need more space. Plus, I still have a good few movies sitting in the to-watch pile and if the problem isn’t fixed, those movies have to migrate to a tower on the floor.  And thats why Netflix is a good solution, right?

Long weekend also means I’m going to try to get some baking in…afterall, I totally believe in this!


One day I will be able to make awesome ones like these:

Minions *GASP*

Minions *GASP*

I just got back into listening to the radio so this is the new Down With Webster song which is pretty catchy called One in a Million!

And how about a little exercise for you (and myself)

train your brain

Maybe this can help, I know it might help me 😉 I’m a cheap drunk anyways…

fruity drinks

Click image for recipe!

Oh, and I’m not an alcoholic! 😛

As pointless as this may seem, its my way to wishing you all a HAPPY FRIDAY and a great long weekend! 🙂

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