Pavillon de la Faune at Stratford, Quebec

This Sunday’s adventure was to Pavillon de la faune.  Its a observation center for wildlife.  It actually has two other parts charged separately.  One is a private collection which is the actual Pavillon de la Faune (Fauna Pavillion). Another one is a cruise of Lac Aylmer which needed to be booked in advance.  We had only wanted to go check out the Observation Centre so we paid $10 for entrance and we headed across the street to where the actual entrance is.

In the area right before we enter the actual centre, they have cages with some animals also. The deer pen is one where we can go in.  Unfortunately, I delegated the task of photo taking and lets just say, technical difficulties occurred so I have nothing to showcase.  There was two cages with raccoons and man, they were so playful and adorable.  There was a cage of turkeys going all gobble gobble and then finally, there was a cage of baby foxes.  They were mega adorable.We even had a chance to hold them, although another girl took that chance so I just stood and watched as the guide took it out of the kennel.

Pavillon de la faune

Baby Fox held by the guide

On the entrance of the observation centre, there was rows and rows of caged animals.  Some was saved from the wilderness, some was orphaned, some were left behind in changes of their owner’s situations.  As much as I didn’t really enjoy seeing them caged in like that, the objective of the centre was a good one.

After the cage section, we saw the open area with some more farm animals and domesticated, docile ones that won’t have the danger of biting off any of my body parts.

We were greeted by miniature horses, a llama hiding in a corner and a donkey.



Llama with another hiding behind it


centre d'observation de la faune


centre d'observation de la faune

Petting a donkey

After two more sets of fence barrier, we get into a rocky mountain (man-made) to let goats climb and go around.



Its actually a pretty funny story.  As mentioned, there were these fences blocking off these goats from the section in the middle with baby goats and other farm animals and the bunny pen is there also. Some person didn’t close the fence properly and these goats lined up in single file and started going to the middle section.

Runaway goat/ram? Not sure what you call it

Runaway goat/ram? Not sure what you call it

The finale for me was going into the bunny pen.  I even got to hold one of them which the task was also delegated but yet another technical difficulty happened and it wasn’t shot.  At least I have cute bunny pictures 🙂

centre d'observation de la faune

Little Bunnies



Bunnies cuddling up together

Bunnies cuddling up together

centre d'observation de la faune

This was the little guy that I held 🙂

This place may not be the best wildlife centre I’ve been to but the whole experience of getting to touch certain animals was definitely fun.  Can you tell I’m the interactive type (with animals), not necessarily humans, that takes a little more time to warm up to.  Is that weird?

Pavillon de la Faune is pretty nice.  Probably not my best recommendation but it has a very friendly staff and hey, if you want to play with deers and bunnies, farm animals and hold a baby fox, I’d say its a cool place.  It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but it was informative and I had fun 🙂 Some of the stories of the animals were pretty sad but at least this is a new home for them despite their mishaps.

Do you have observation centres or wildlife preservation areas or zoos where you are? Any that you’d recommend as a must-see if say, I were to travel there?

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