Week 24: Staying Focused!

Last week, I felt like my whole motivation came back! I think this new alternating weeks of different workouts is going to work out just fine.  Now its changing up my diet to be a lot healthier to help out the staying fit. I have been eating a lot of snacks at work due to elevated levels of stress.  I need to find ways to fix that 🙂 Or at least choose healthier alternatives than say, gummies and Sour Patch Kids….


Seems like Monday has officially turned into my abs/core workout day.  I like it! Working out the core hurts but its challenging and energizing! I love how it looks afterwards and it always keeps me motivated for the week! I’m on my Tone it up schedule this week so scheduled for today is Love Your Abs Workout!

As requested, they said to do this 3 times and I did just that! It was really hard and thats why I love this workout now! All the moves are quite awesome and work different area of the core.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Off days! Some stuff came up and I decided to kick up the gear to try to work harder to finish up my TESL certificate 🙂 I did get a good amount done!


With my eye infection very much still there, my planned dragonboat practice for Friday was not going to happen till I went to see my doctor again (hopefully next Tuesday).  I figured since I wasn’t going to have practice, I’d do a workout.  Sweating out the stress is always a good way! I chose to do the Tone it Up Surfer’s Paradise Workout.

I always like to do a mid week full body toning now, so its really cool! I hate this workout for the most part because it does use my weakest muscle and I end up feeling so inefficient but my boyfriend told me I need to do the one I dread to strengthen that muscle more.  By the way, its my triceps that I’m talking about. I did the routine 3 times as they suggested.  First two times was their max reps asked for and the last set was mostly with the lower reps.  Maybe its because I haven’t done workouts of this variation in a while, it felt pretty challenging and that makes me feel pretty good about myself.


Dragonboat season really never resumed as I had hoped for it to this summer.  Its not a completely bad thing since I took the time to prioritize other things in my life.  I was going to head to the basin to do a jog even if I can’t paddle however, an emergency came up and I ended up doing my cardio from walking all over the place.


Being on call to help with an emergency and in massive cramps mode, I decided to do some yoga to help relieve the pain.  For the ladies, maybe you go through the same pain as me and this might help 🙂 I know it did for me a little! Check it out HERE! It did help ease the pain a little bit and that is already just that much better.


My boyfriend and I had postponed last weekend’s day trip to this one so off day as well 🙂 Post about that going up tomorrow probably! Remember to drop by to check it out!

OVERALL…This week has been average.  Its not that my motivation wasn’t there but rather there were other events that took place to take up some of my time and forced me to change my plans around.  However, the two workouts I did during the week were pretty intense and felt extremely efficient.  With the increase stress (and woman-related reasons), yoga was one that really helped.  It was also new yoga moves/stretches that helped a whole lot.  At least it managed to get me to do stuff around the house and take care of a few things. That yoga workout was also the only new thing this week.  Its really helpful to relieve cramps so try it out my fellow ladies, if ever you need it 🙂

Also, I’ve been seriously considering a 7 day detox plan in September.  My boyfriend thinks its a pretty good plan to try out. I’ll update you if ever that comes down 🙂 I will probably try to keep up the weekly workout roundups for a full year then figure out a better way to less frequent.  Its a goal to keep myself focused and motivated also, hopefully it’ll work 🙂

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