Kai Po Che (2013)

This weekend has been extremely efficient in the catching up with movies department.  Next recommendation is from Meera Darji who is a student at Coventry University and has recently completed her short film Strum for Hope.  You can check out the trailer HERE. In response to my review of 3 Idiots (HERE), she recommended that I see Kai Po Che.

kai po che posterDirector: Abhishek Kapoor

Cast: Amit Sadh, Raj Kumar Yadav, Sushant Singh Rajput, Amrita Puri, Digvijay Deshmukh

Kai Po Che is a Bollywood buddy drama about 3 friends who grew up together in India and aspires to build a cricket training academy in hopes of finding potential future cricket players.  However, right off we see that things didn’t go as expected when we enter the movie looking at one of the friends Omi (Amit Sadh) be picked from jail by his friend Govind (Raj Kumar Yadav). It is there we backtrack to 10 years earlier when they first struggle with family connections and bargains to get the financial support for the opening of the academy. With the cricket professional player skills of the third friend Ishant (Sushant Singh Rajput), the maths/economic/business expertise of Govind and the loyal and more well-off Omi, we watch as they put all their efforts.  As the business moves along, struggles come as well.  Govind hopes to expand the business quickly while Ishant puts the futures of his young players in the first place.  However, as they progress with their goals, they hit social, politics and environmental obstacles that end up causing changes to their plans and their friendship.

kai po che govi omi ishant

I’m not an expert at Bollywood movies.  This is only the second one that I’ve seen and its very different from 3 Idiots.  This one is completely a drama.  There is no singing and dancing however, if you have knowledge of Bollywood movies, they tend to have a long run time. However, Kai Po Che never does feel lengthy even with a long run time.  It is definitely a great movie about friendship and struggles.  Believable, heartwarming, victorious and many times heartbreaking as well. Its a life lesson of not only friendship and ambition but family, love, religion and beliefs.

kai po che politics

To me, the characters really stood out.  The three friends were a perfect balance for each other as in many good friendships (including my own). Govind was the brains of the operation.  He understood about the technical and financial needs.  During the movie, he is the one that learns to relax a little with a love relationship.  Ishant is the one who is the most knowledgeable about the trade because he used to be a up and coming cricket player and he has a good heart and determination.  Once he sets his goals, nothing can stop him.  That energy puts him as the exact opposite of Govind and they sometimes see things differently.  But, he offsets that with his pure desire to teach new talents and make them reach for higher goals especially with the talented young Ali. Omi is in between and tries to help and settle his friends. He carries traits from both but also does the middle man, however, he also has a negative and thats his personality and the way he fixes situations are sometimes dealt with without fully thinking about it.  Of course, this will lead to consequences.

kai po che ali ishant

Another thing that really captured my eyes was the how this movie was shot.  The location was beautiful.  I know close to nothing about India’s geography and I believe this was set in a smaller town and hence the religious conflicts that rose during the movie.  However, the color contrast in the scenes and the mood and the tone was really nice.

kai po che set

Kai Po Che is an amazing Bollywood drama that I highly recommend.  Its worth every minute of your time and it’ll pull you right into how the situation.  Everything they go through feels real and there’s a special connection to each of the characters and their friendship and struggles along the way as they try to reach for their dreams.  I definitely had a great time watching it.   This one really does have a nice story and beautiful setting to complement which makes it even better.

Thanks to Meera for introducing me to another Bollywood movie.  I don’t know too much and wouldn’t know where to start if she hadn’t.  I urge you to check out her blog and her work 🙂


15 thoughts on “Kai Po Che (2013)

  1. WOW! The movie was really awesome and I, too, watched it on Sunday again.
    When Meera had asked you look for this movie, I had thought that you won’t be liking this as the movie is very Indian. I mean politics, religious conflicts, love friend’s sister expressed as wrong, the madness for cricket (we are mad about cricket here. Cricket is a religion in India) etc. but you liked it! Feeling proud! 🙂
    And just FYI, the movie is based on a novel, ‘The 3 Mistakes Of My Life’, written by Chetan Bhagat. ‘3 Idiots’, too, was based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel, ‘Five Points Someone…’ 🙂


    • I didn’t know that 3 Idiots was based on a novel. I knew this one was. I may not be all into the religious/politics and I know almost nothing about cricket but I found that it was still very engaging. It was set up really well 🙂


      • Yeah, the characterisation is so well that you find yourself engrossed in them.
        Well, I won’t be burdening you but there are two movies that I would REALLY recommend.
        1. My Name Is Khan – The movie is based on a man’s conquest to meet the President of USA and say to him, “My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist.” The protagonist is a muslim who gets his child killed while bullying by his schoolmates for being a muslim. Without being preachy, the movies teaches that Islam is a religion of peace and not terror. It’s just few terror groups that has badnamed the religion. Trust me, you’ll love this.

        2. Barfi! – This is a superb movie where the protagonist deaf and mute. Although the movie borrows several scenes from classic movies, it’s one of the best movie I have ever watched. It comes as close to being a modern masterpiece as cinematically possible. To miss it would be a crime. To embrace it is to serenade the sublime.

        But there’s no hurry, watch them when you get time. I may not as crazy as you about movies but I am at least 80% crazy as you. So my comment must count, I guess. 😉


      • Every comment counts, what are you talking about! Its going straight to my list. It is recommendation month over here so I still have 3 of your movies that you recommended before that I have to watch eventually. Only deal with foreign movies is that it has to be accessible on Netflix. If I don’t get around to it this time around, I will next recommendation month. I want to keep this up. Maybe it every few months…its pretty fun 🙂


  2. Fantastic review! I am SO glad that you enjoyed the Film! Everything about the film is beautiful. Like you said, the characters are particularly outstanding.The story is moving and scenery is exquisite. It was actually shot in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, which is where most of my family live, so it was nice seeing the city on screen. The timeless journey complimented with this drama of conflict, religion and dreams was intense yet entertaining to watch. You perfectly summed it up and I can’t thank you enough for linking my blog and my trailer. Its much appreciated. One of my favourite Bollywood films of al time (The book is just as good too). I have a few more recommendations which I am sure you will enjoy: Taare Zameen Par, Ghajini and Kahani. Let me know if you watch them. Once again thank you!


    • Really? Your family lives there! It must be beautiful and even more close to your heart. Thanks so much for suggesting it. It really was an awesome movie. I’ll check those out. Actually I believe another blogger had suggested Taare Zameen Par 🙂


      • Yes! We recognised so many familiar places. In 2001they also experienced the earthquake and that Mall is still there! A true story very close to our heart. Indeed thats a great film too! Hope you enjoy them.


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