Restaurant Review: Bidon Taverne Culinaire

I always enjoy  posting about food and restaurants that I visit!

Here’s the restaurant my friend and I went to try out after our chiropractic treatment.  We’ve been talking about going to check it out for almost a year and finally we decided to go yesterday 🙂

I present to you: Restaurant Bidon Taverne Culinaire!

My 7UP and the logo of the restaurant :)

My 7UP and the logo of the restaurant 🙂

First off, the waiters and the staff are a charming bunch of guys who are very nice. We didn’t have a reservation and the guy took a chance and gave us a seat anyways. That type of flexibility in service is what I’m talking about. Plus, the waiters were friendly.

Now, on for the food.  They don’t have a very long menu but it includes 2 types of soup, a few appetizers, 2 types of foie gras, 2 types of tartare, and 9 selections for the main meal.  They also have a chalkboard on the wall with the day’s extra menu.  On the back of the menu, it had a whole side of wines.

As usual in these types of restaurants, we started with some bread!



The bread had little crispy pieces on the side and it was so delicious!!

My friend took the tomato soup with roasted peppers, shredded Parmesan and ham.

Bidon Taverne Culinaire

Tomato Soup

I’m still trying to figure out what that piece of bread had but my friend said the soup was excellent and the bread was awesome! He rarely compliments it to the waiter also but he did this time.  So, I know he loved it 🙂

Next up is our main dishes.

My friend took a Tenderloin Steak with Bordelaise Sauce and Blue Cheese crumble.

Bidon Taverne culinaire

Tenderloin Steak

My friend said that it was cooked perfect and the portion was exactly right 🙂

I had Fish and Chips with beer coating, home-style tartar sauce and pickles.

Bidon Taverne culinaire

Fish and chips

This is possibly the best Fish and Chips I’ve had in Montreal.  The fish was super tasty and the texture was perfect.  The batter covering it was not doughy and thick and it was also a great portion for me.  The fries were delicious as well. Usually when I eat fish and chips, its all greasy but this one wasn’t heavy at all.

We were so full after the meal, we couldn’t fit dessert in.  Next time! 🙂 The dessert menu had about 5 items ranging from our own Quebec delight Pouding Chomeur to Creme Brulee and some chocolate stuff and even a dairy free choice, Sorbet in 3 flavors 🙂

Definitely worth it to try this place out and I will be coming back to try other dishes!

If you are interested, its located in the Saint-Lambert area on the south shore of Montreal.  Aside from having great service and delicious food, it also has a beautiful atmosphere and in a very nice area. 🙂 Check out the site for more info HERE!

9 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Bidon Taverne Culinaire

      • Yeah, but I just got back my blood tests for my annual physical…I always have a cholesterol problem! Not real bad, but bad enough for pills and diet…

        So, there goes most of my “cheat” days! Oh well, enjoy it for me!

        Have a great Sunday,


      • Its okay! Not sure if you say the last post I put up but you know, “you don’t diet, you just eat according to your goals”. I eat healthy most days and that can be very awesome too 🙂 Have a great rest of the weekend Scoop!


      • Okay, but I’m now on the WW diet…points. First day and it ain’t so great. Guess I’ll get used to it…

        Scoop 😦


      • Well, yes and no. I have been eating much more “healthy” foods, lean meats, lots of fruits and veggies, etc. But this programs does further restrict some things.

        I’m fighting cholesterol as the main problem. But in reder to do that, you need to get into other things like calories, sodium, nutrients, etc. for diet “balance.”

        The trouble with foods is that none of them “tick all the boxes.” By that I mean no food is good to eat in every way we measure things these days.

        So, I agree with “cheating days” and look forward to them!

        Enjoy your day,



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