Book Review: In the Garden of Thoughts by Dodinsky

Who here needs a pick-me-up book? I know I’ve been needing it a lot this year especially.

in the garden of thoughts dodinskyI’ve been following this fabulous blog called Positive Outlooks.  The quotes I read from there are always inspiring in some way if you follow me on Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter, you’ll see that I share them all the time.  Through them, I saw the release of this book, In the Garden of Thoughts by Dodinsky.  It caught my eye right away and I’ve been meaning to get a copy.  Luckily the other day, I realized that I could get it on Kindle and did so right away!

Having finished the book by the next day, I paused and started thinking about all the quotes.  In the Garden of Thoughts is a gift book.   I’m not much of a gift book person (especially when I gift it to myself) but this book is an inspiring look at life.  It filled with little quotes about every little bits and pieces in life and how to look at it in a different perspective, a more positive light if you know what I mean.  It is also accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

Is there anything to review for this? I LOVED IT! If you want to buy this as a gift, I think its a wonderful choice and I’d highly recommend it.

Its a great read and its so inspiring, thought-provoking and offers a positive outlook on life.  I fell in love with the captivating illustrations.

It lifted my spirits up and make me reconsider a few things in life.  It also related to a few aspects that I was having a hard time embracing.

The only place you can find the power to be your best self.

Who doesn’t want to be their best self, right? I know I strive for that everyday.  If you are also, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: In the Garden of Thoughts by Dodinsky

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