Week 22: Regaining a Healthy Routine!

After some thought, I think August will still be with weekly roundups until I figure out a solid way to do this without having a mega long post 😉

To motivate myself this week to get back into my healthy routine, which means not only getting back to normal physical exercise frequency but also to get back to my healthy sleeping patterns.  Some point during this past month, I ended up sleeping at really late hours and because of that, my syndrome started kicking me in the behind and I started feeling all sorts of bad.  Hopefully with a regular routine back, things will get back to some form of normal and I will feel more energetic 🙂

The decision I took on setting the schedule on this day was for the tentative week, I also decided that I would do alternating weeks of Tone it Up routine and follow through with the following week of a mix of workouts from Tribesports (and they just had a whole bunch of new ones), FitSugar, Pumps and Iron, and various other sources that I grab my workouts from.


For today, I started this week with Tone it Up to make it a tad easier.  The workout was the Sleek and Slender Abs 🙂 I have done this one before and its pretty challenging.  Here it is:

This was super awesome as always.  I love working my core and this one really does a nice one.  The hardest to do for me was the Cat Crunches and the Plank Kicks.  I did this full routine 3 times 🙂 By the last set, the exercises started getting a lot harder and I had to push to get some of the last few reps.  It did feel great and I was tired enough to go to bed by midnight! SCORE! 🙂


I had an extra extended day at work today due to my coworker being on vacation so the idea of doing an outdoors cardio workout was postponed.  However, due to the work stress, I decided to still do a workout and went to Tribesports and did one of the workouts. I did do this one before in the form of a challenge.  Its called Tone Up Tight Routine.

The third time doing this routine was mega painful.  My arms were shaking at the last few reps of the pushups. My abs were shaking (because I worked them yesterday) and I had to push really hard to finish the last 10 reps.  Squats and Lunges were painful for my legs.  I almost felt like I was in a trance doing the jumping jacks, like my legs had detached from my upper body.  Don’t even mention those painful like crazy wall squats.  All done and sweaty! Protein shake time and gloat in my sense of success 🙂


After yesterday’s crazy workout, I decided to take a break.  I’m trying to be more disciplined with staying active but to also knowing when to let my body rest.  Workout resume tomorrow 🙂


I was feeling all funky and weird today: a mix of fatigue and bloatedness, so after dinner, I went for a long evening stroll with my mom.  Exercise and quality time to chat with mom, sounds like an awesome choice, right?


I was going to go to dragonboat today but something is wrong with eye so until it goes better, I wanted to avoid contamination.  I still did a home workout and chose this week’s new workout at Tone it Up called Summer Sizzle Workout.

If you click on the workout up there, you’ll get to the page so you can get the workout vid to know how to do the workouts if its not clear 🙂 This workout was BRUTAL! I did it once since they didn’t say otherwise. At the end of the workout, my core, arms and legs were all shaking.  All the moves were pretty intense.  Lat Rollout was by far the craziest one.  I knew it would before I started since my triceps are mega weak.  I try to train it more but it also takes longer to recover so I’m taking it step by step.  If you want a good leg and glutes move, that Lunge, Lift & Kick was pretty awesome.  I definitely felt this! Protein shake coming up 🙂


I went to 2 festivals today! TWO! I was a lot of walking, shooting photos, and *mumbles* eating. That turns this possible “workout” day into one that isn’t quite that.  So means that tomorrow will be my 4th workout day instead.  However, do check out sometimes this week, my post on those two festivals (most probably in one post on Tuesday).


I had originally wanted to do a full body workout, but in the afterthought that I just did one on Friday. I wanted to change it up.  Although I think I still did a full body workout just I had wanted to do the 8 Double Duty Moves.  I haven’t done those in a few months already. Here’s the video if you’d like to check it out!

I did the whole thing 2 times.  Some of the moves were similar to the ones I did on Friday so those ones I cut down a bit in the second set as to not hurt my muscles too much.  It did feel good though! 🙂

OVERALL…this week was pretty good! I did manage to get 4 workout days and another one for a light cardio in the form of evening walks.  My aim is to get in an outdoors higher intensity cardio session such as jump rope/jog/bike for the coming week. However, I’m definitely getting back on track.  I’m still tracking my physical from camera shots.  Its a bit depressing..haha! This week’s highlight was Summer Sizzle workout from Friday! It was awesome 🙂 My recommendation for you!

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