Smile, Laugh and Forgive…

Note: This post was meant to be totally different.  I just retained about half of the original drafted on Thursday.

*This is part rant. So scroll if you’d like to skip it, there is more fun stuff on the bottom 😉 Oh and down there, slight NSFW!*

This week has been pretty blah, although things seem to be calming down (or maybe I am viewing them in a more passive way?).  Work had its ups and downs thats made me determined to search for something else.  That is definitely is the positive out of the situation.When these changes will happen, are uncertain but I know that I’m trying my best to head in that direction.     Its work, so I try it to lessen its impact on myself too much emotionally, but then…

To Those Who I Care About So Very Much: please remember that I will always be loyal to you but that I am also human. I also have feelings that will be hurt and think about the way you form your sharp words and tone of voice before directing them to me whose only job is to help you find yourself again.  Despite my very strong front and my never crying (openly) personality, we both know that I’m damaged and fragile as well and working every bit as hard to keep myself going as you are.

Thats one of the reasons, I smile, laugh and forgive rather quickly because for one, life’s really  not worth much if I keep staying mad or holding grudges.  Its about remembering the things we’re truly grateful for and the many great little things that make up our day.  In the end, we will only have to remember those little bits of joy and happiness that happened because these things will matter.  I do wonder if this has caused others to take advantage of me and believe that because I will forgive and stay around no matter what, they can misdirect their anger at me, be rude and disrespectful.

Maybe its time to back off…maybe its time to protect myself a little as well.  I’ve learned a few roles I’d like to step out of.  One is being that hole in the tree, for those who pretend to want feedback but don’t think and still do dumb things, because I am human and will blame myself for not being able to stop it.  Another is to not become the target of any misfire of anger due to others misdoings.

I’d love to share this awesome quote I saw on Positive Outlooks this week and fell in love with automatically which is also the title and inspiration of this post:

This will always be hard to accomplish but with time, we will learn how to be positive and forget those unimportant and insignificant things.  After all, the power to change a situation around to some degree is in our own hands.  We can control how we feel, how we think and the biggest part is to find our own positive mindset.

Everyday I strive to do that step by step.  Hopefully, for my friends going through drama in their life and feels lost, insecure and unhappy, you will also find a way to do that and find that little bit of positive day by day and let it grow into contentment and happiness.

From Thursday to today (Saturday), things have definitely started looking up and spending some time to myself this morning has really helped get my head together.  Positiveness is still sticking with me! Lets share some fantastic music with a cover from Tiffany Alvord for the song from Paramore – Still Into You!

Also, I’ve finally found the time to sit down and read my Glamour magazines.  I’m always happy to hear artists I support mentioned like right here in the August issue!

Alex Good and Sam Tsui :)

Alex Good and Sam Tsui 🙂

And then, this made me laugh a lot, because its slightly crazy or silly.  I can’t decide which yet.  This is what was in my Groupon deals I found one of the past few mornings in my email.

50 shades of grey erotic toys

Up to 60% off Fifty Shades of Grey’s erotic toys….

S&M games night anyone? ROFL!  The things we find online…and man, this series is really working hard on promoting itself.  Now if only Hollywood could ride the wave properly and find their Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, right? I’m curious to see how many people would go see it 😉

Remember guys, Smile, Laugh and Forgive! I’m living by that even more than usual this week 🙂 Wasn’t that quote just awesome?

I have a few events I’ll be heading to today! I’ll recap those next week!

Happy Saturday! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Smile, Laugh and Forgive…

  1. I feel ya on the rant portion…and it’s a really strange balance we have to strike with opening up to others and protecting ourselves. I haven’t quite gotten it down yet myself. But I think protecting yourself is the best option…yes, it will mean less people may become friends with me but at least I know the ones I got respect me.


    • Its always hard to find balance for anything in life. Wish it was easier. I am taking that protecting myself part. I love my friends but sometimes, its good to realize which ones are the quality friendships and which ones are better to let go of…or just not care as much.


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