Stick with me, Positivity! We can pull through together!

Excuse the bad title!  I just didn’t want to title this post “Sh*t 2 Weeks”. I’ve been having a lot of those in 2013 and especially because I was sick and felt absolutely useless but stressed out, it felt even worse.

I’m just hoping that August is the turning point because there’s only so much positivity I have left in me before I start crashing down into some form of depression. So far, I’m still doing okay. I actually quite proud of myself about that.  The only good thing about July was vacation with my boyfriend, Fantasia Festival and spending more time than usual with my best friend.

I’ve been working on focussing on the positives so I will refrain from talking much about the negatives just at the same time of getting ridiculously sick, losing my voice and having a throbbing sore throat, some emotional roller coaster stuff happened which flipped me around.  I’m just happy thats over! I think the best possible result came out of that and I hope that it doesn’t happen again.  This week, what really got me sad and angry (in that order) was that due to a change in the electricity system and new installations in our area, with only a warning 2 months ago with no exact date, we lost power for a short while which caused my gigantic aquarium to lose power, stopped the fish pump and when we realized, it was already too late.  We have really big (10-12 inches) Koi fishes in the tank which would value about $200 each if I were to rebuy them.  Money isn’t the point though, its the energy my dad had put into them when he was alive.  Over 10 years of fish dead because of lack of common sense on the part of others.  I’m not fully blaming others because maybe if we were more attentive we might have saved them, or saved more of them. After spending the last few days cleaning up after that mess, my mom and I are still saddened by it but time will help us.  Part of it is letting go of my dad also.  We try so hard to keep things the same while moving on, but doesn’t necessarily work that way. The little reminders are slipping away…

So okay, my little ramble of bad stuff done! Lets move on to whats happened this week! Focus on positives! 🙂

My garden’s Tiger lilies finally bloomed this year! Its always been infested by lady bugs or other insects eating it away.  We finally got our beautiful flowers!


Also, these beautiful purple flowers finally bloomed as well.  After seeing everyone else in the neighborhood’s have loads of flowers, ours finally managed to start its process too 🙂 Seeing as its one of my fave colors, this always makes for a great start in my day!


Next up, near where I work, there’s a tree thats decorated full of keys with little shapes and stuff.  At a closer look, it actually has the names of the festivals and events going on this summer.  I found that quite cool!


On Thursday, the first day after my rush and the day where my coworker’s vacation starts so I had to take over some of the errands, I ran off to do just that and walked passed the press conference for the UFC fight.


I know nothing about UFC but hey, the fighters on that poster was there.  If you know more than me, tell me if it is. Although it was way too far for me to get a good picture of his face. I checked out the press conference video and learned that the guy in the suit on the left is Georges St-Pierre and on the right in the red shirt is Johny Hendricks.


If you want to see the Montreal press conference video, its HERE.  Its about 30 minutes though. If you are interested in UFC, maybe you’ll enjoy it 🙂

As I write this on Saturday  morning, I’m feeling lots of positive coming back in my mind.  I’m enjoying every moment that I can to relax! I spent a good part of the morning listening to music, reading yesterday’s blog posts from all of you and doing some sing-along with awesome music! I’m slowly practicing the Chinese music from my fave Taiwanese singer Fish Leong 🙂

And now I’ve been in love with this cover from Kurt Schneider and Max Schneider of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis‘s Can’t Hold Us. Check it out! Lets bring up the energy! 🙂

Have a great weekend! Rest up, relax and have lots of fun! 🙂

Oh right, I’m having an indecisive moment(s) these days but I have an announcement for August tomorrow (most probably)! 🙂 Drop by when you have a moment 🙂

11 thoughts on “Stick with me, Positivity! We can pull through together!

  1. I don’t know why I really enjoyed this post. Maybe because the mini Rage Segment, or maybe because of the positive attitude. Regardless, this was an outstanding post.


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  3. Sorry to hear about the aquarium. Terrible how things happen sometimes. Sending positive vibes your way. I wish I could give you more encouragement but I think you’re on the right track.

    Positivity all around!


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