Sickness and Catching Up with Sleep (and TV)!

Since I missed my personal post on Sunday because I was sick to death coughing and sneezing all day. I feel like the blog’s been a bit empty, maybe its a good time to share a bit about what has been going on.

For the first time in forever, I took 2 days off of work not for vacation but for sick leave.  Right in between the deadline which I technically don’t have a day to spare.  The stress level is skyrocketing but yesterday, I went on the annoying wait and hunt for the doctor at the walk-in clinic that took me 6 hours to finally get treated from lining up 2 hours in the morning to get my appointment to waiting for the appointment and then sitting at the clinic waiting for the doctor to get in after she was an hour late to arrive.  Oh the world of free healthcare in Canada or maybe its just Quebec’s problem.  Either way, the final diagnosis was that I had an ear infection.  I was sent home with ear drops and antibiotics. YAY! First step to the road of recovery, right? I was disappointed because I ended up missing the Fantasia Fest movie that I wanted to go see, but I was way too sick to go and I shouldn’t go around infecting others. *pats myself on the back*

I was expecting that I would be able to go back to work yesterday but when I woke up, dizziness was all I felt.  I was so tired from those antibiotics fighting its battle or whatever its doing in there, that I had to just sleep.  I called the office with my hoarse and almost vanishing voice and told my coworker that I wouldn’t be able to make it but that I will try to go in to pick up some work if I was feeling a bit better. I did end up eventually doing that after getting 3 more hours of sleep.

Other than getting an immense amount of sleep that both my mom and boyfriend has agreed that I need and probably deserve after the roller coaster of emotions of a weekend (that probably didn’t help my healing from this virus or cold or whatever you would like to call it). I did manage to catch up on TV series.

First up, I caught up with the 2 episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyways? I thought it was pretty good.  Then, I started watching Under the Dome and caught up with the past 4 or 5 episodes.  My mind is a blank as to which one they are at right now but its actually pretty awesome so far.  I really like it. I know a lot of the cast from various movies and TV shows and I’m really interested in seeing how it turns out.

I also started Sherlock from BBC.  I’ve been meaning to watch it for a while and haven’t found the time to.  These are crazy long episodes compared to normal so I’m still watching Season 1. Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty awesome. The guy who plays John is an actor I love as well 🙂

Its probably been one of the most tiring and crazy weekends in ages but at least, things are starting to look up.  I can’t wait to be well and able to talk again like myself again! In the meantime, its a good opportunity to reset some good sleeping habits! 🙂

I have about 400 emails to catch up with and I will tend to that tonight! 🙂 Things should get back to normal soon once I find the energy to write up reviews and figure out the photo challenge 😉

Stay healthy everyone!

What TV series  have you been watching or catching up with?

9 thoughts on “Sickness and Catching Up with Sleep (and TV)!

  1. Summer in the US means there’s nothing to watch at ALL. We’ve been watching True Blood and Sullivan and Son and that’s about it.

    Oh – and Big Brother… : )


  2. Awww, get better soon!! That sounds really miserable! You know, you could still go to Fantasia Fest with a face mask on, it kinda fits with the Asia theme…haha! But then there’s the miserable part 😦 That sucks about waiting for the doctor….at the risk of sounding really “American”, I think it’s a “free healthcare” problem. I was on Medicaid here in the US for a couple years, and it was HORRIBLE. Never before had I felt like such a second class citizen. The wait for the doctor’s office was insane, IF I could even get an appointment! My appointments would get cancelled or rescheduled without my consent and no one would even bother to phone me about it. So I’d show up at my appointment time and they turn me away. Even with a referral to a specialist, to a doctor who is within my network, they would try to turn me away once they see my insurance card! Some doctors did dirty things like saying they’re in-network for my insurance, but then again refusing me once I get to my appointment (not in the weeks before it when I scheduled the appointment and gave all my insurance info) and say “oh this doctor only accepts Medicaid for SURGERIES, not regular exams.” Um! That’s not how Medicaid works! You can’t pick and choose services, you either accept it or you don’t – she had an obligation to see me but they refused me service. Surgeries is where the money is at – a check up (even one with a pap smear) doesn’t net a doctor much money. At some point, after the 5th or 6th time I got refused when I showed up for my appointment, I just broke down crying. Because what the fuck!?

    I have so many bad things to say about free healthcare. It is not administered well AT ALL, not in the least. There’s barely any decent doctors in the network, and even those doctors will find shady ways to avoid seeing you cuz they don’t want to deal with you. Super long waits. Unhelpful people. Incompetence everywhere. Things like Gardasil, which you’d think should be covered by Medicaid because it prevents 4 strains of HPV plus throat cancer, were not covered but a crappy gyno I saw gave me a prescription for it anyway. There is no generic for this drug. Another pitiful moment being confused in the pharmacy, not understanding why I was led to believe I could have something that I couldn’t. As someone who was on Medicaid, I obviously didn’t have the money for a $450 vaccine….

    Sorry, I could go on and on about how much I hate the free healthcare we have. It worries me how things are gonna be in October and beyond, when the Affordable Care Act kicks in. Normally, insurance companies will begin processing new people around this time in July in order to make it for October. I know for Medicaid, it took me 3 damn months (no exaggeration) to get my app processed, and that’s AFTER I did the interview already. They have yet to announce the rules, everything we know right now (which is nothing) is just vague ideas. The insurance companies themselves don’t even know – my mom’s a broker and when they know she’ll know. I predict a shit storm. Which sucks because I probably need to switch to it, my current private-insurance is horrible too (in a different way, my deductibles are too high). I’ve got my fingers crossed that they get some good doctors on the networks this time. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s like being on Medicaid all over again.


    • Wow! An essay right there on bad healthcare! Trust me, I almost did one for mine. Which sux because I feel like because of work stress my infection is going backwards. Less symptoms but still… I don’t know when I have time to go spend another 6 hours to see that doctor again to change my meds..oh lord. Lets hope its just antibiotics working slow 😉


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