Day 5 Part 1: Fort Knox Historic Site!

Vacation time passes by so fast! I couldn’t believe that it was the last day of the trip when it came around.  Lets check out the recap of my last day in Maine!

Our first stop was Fort Knox Historic Site.  We had postponed that from our original plans on Day 3 but we wanted to really enjoy it especially since this was the part that my boyfriend was looking forward to.  After I almost turned him into a popsicle the day before because I wanted to see puffins, I felt it was reasonable to give him as many hours as he would like to wander around Fort Knox and fully experience it.

Fort Knox Historic Site

Welcome to Fort Knox!

Friendly advice here is that if you go, bring flashlights please.  Some of these tunnels are mega dark.  You will see soon enough.  First stop, we went to Battery A.

Fort Knox Historic Site

Fort Knox Historic Site

Battery A

We had to walk through the main Fort Entrance before getting to Battery B.

Fort Knox Historic Site

Fort Knox

Fox Knox Historic Site

View on the way to Battery B..Fog creeping in!

Fort Knox Historic Site

Looking from inside

Fort Knox Historic Site

Giant Cannon in Battery

Fort Knox Historic Site

Now that we’re done the Batteries, we went to the Fort Knox itself. All the tunnels and everything!

Fort Knox Historic Site

In the Fort Knox

Fort Knox Historic Site

In the dark tunnels

On the highest level of the Fort Knox, the view was amazing and it was pretty cool!

Fort Knox Historic Site

Top level of the Fort

Fort Knox Historic Site

The view around Fort Knox

Fort Knox Historic Site

View from Fort Knox

Before we left the Fort Knox and Maine, we needed to take our iconic thing to mark our trip! 🙂

Me and my boyfriend!

Me and my boyfriend!

Part 1 ends right here! There’s a part 2 to Day 5 as the drive home was pretty scenic.

Plus, my cold has pretty much decided for me that that I am about to pass on the keyboard. I draft these posts the night before.

Check back tomorrow morning for the final post on my vacation recap! 🙂

Have a great Monday!!

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