A Word A Week Challenge: Unexpected

I don’t know about everyone else but I know that people living in cities close enough to Montreal has been going through the same mega heat wave.  Its totally crazy this week.  We hit a high of 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit) with all the humidity.  It was super intense.  By that day, I ended up staying at the office instead of going for a walk.  When it was around 40 I still did a little walk and man, that was some heavy air out there.  I felt like I was almost going to suffocate.

By the end of the week, we kept getting severe thundershower warning that never happened! It was driving me crazy.  Finally, on Wednesday, the sky went totally black nearing the end of the work day and it looked it was 8pm outside when it was just 4:30pm or something.  Massive thunder and crazy rain.  By the time I left the work, there was just a little drizzle.

Wednesday after work!

Wednesday after work!

Look at the streets and you know, not long ago, there was a crazy rain that passed by.  By the time, I got off the island to go to my chiropractic appointment.  This is what it looked…talk about quick unexpected changes…


The weather is playing some tricks because after that, it was getting more humid.  Icky disgusting weather!

On Thursday, the same thing happened.  The rain wasn’t as intense and it stopped relatively quickly.  However, that was a day of unexpected.  For one, if you don’t follow my twitter or facebook, my friend walked down Just for Laughs Festival and saw on their huge screen the Just for Laughs Gags reel showing the gag  that I was caught in last July.  I’m still trying to find that video and believe you me, I will find it one day! I will not have everyone (including people I don’t know) laughing at me and not have seen it.  That was a ridiculously embarrassing moment last year and I still remember every second of it.

Although, I went down to the festival and didn’t find the video, I did come across this!

Fantasia Film Festival 2013

HUGE LINEUP! The line goes around the block where my shot cuts off!

This unexpected lineup appearing reminded me that Fantasia Film Festival started that day! This lineup was possibly for Shield of Straw by Takashi Miike showing at 6:30pm unless its for The Conjuring showing at 9:30pm.  I don’t know.  Either way, that lineup looped really far away and made me search up movies for this festival immediately.  That resulted in this post HERE in case you missed it!

A lot of unexpected has been going on in the last 2 weeks.  Now, lets bring on some normal days.  I can take a bundle of that now…at least the weather has cooled down a tad 😉

This is my response to Sue at A Word In Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge: Unexpected! Please head over to her blog HERE to check out other entries and join in if you’d like 🙂

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