SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Fantasia Film Fest 2013!

Fantasia International Film Festival 2013 started yesterday!

I wanted to keep this in the down low since time has been scarce and I’m not exactly sure if I can actually to get my schedule sorted out to accommodate it.  Thing is, I just finished looking at the movies schedules and I’m just WAY TOO EXCITED! However, choices have to be made since I don’t have that much time and limited financial resources.  Plus, I’m having trouble finding friends to go with me as I don’t particularly enjoy going to movies by myself.

I’ve been thinking of going to see the Fantasia Film Fest ever since it first came about 10 years or so ago.  Its an international film festival here that focuses on a lot of Asia movies (75% probably) and the majority of them are actually horror, thrillers or action of some sort mixed with drama, romance, comedy, etc.  They also have a good many that are having their premiere at this festival.  I know I don’t seem like the type to like horror.  Fact is, I do love them, especially horror thrillers.  My sleep doesn’t as much.

This coming few weeks, you should be seeing a few reviews of certain movies.  As I type this, I have already planned two Hong Kong movies with my mom.  First one we’ve already bought the tickets for called The Last Tycoon with Chow Yun-Fat last night.  Check out the link HERE!  Seems like I always end up taking my mom to see Chow Yun-Fat movies. At least this time around, its in Chinese so I won’t need to explain it to my mom! SCORE! 🙂

Next one I want to see (probably more than The Last Tycoon) is Saving General Yang on July 29th.  Deal is, its at the 2nd last day before a HUGE work deadline so I’m only buying the tickets depending on how much work I get done in the next few days. I’m going to try to pull lots of overtime to make it happen.  Funny thing is this one actually has a English dubbed trailer which you can find HERE! It has a phenomenal cast and it features one of my favorite historical ancient Chinese families.  I’m totally happy that my mom agreed to go see both movies with me.

My boyfriend is supposed to go with me to at least one as well.  We haven’t quite decided which one yet.  We just need to find out his new work schedule which is supposed to happen but hasn’t been posted up at work yet.  We do have a few on our minds.

Our first choice is Ip Man: The Final Fight.  You can find the trailer and description HERE! We’re huge fans of the Ip Man franchise and even if this one doesn’t have Donnie Yen, it has Anthony Wong and he’s a really kick-ass actor.  One of the best actors in the Hong Kong movie industry.

Another one we were interested in but I’m not too keen on seeing at an international film fest is I’ll Follow You Down since it’ll be accessible on Blu-ray easily afterwards. I almost didn’t recognize Haley Joel Osment.  He does not look anything like he did in AI/Sixth Sense, etc.  Take your pick 😉 If you haven’t heard about it, HERE is the link with the synopsis! I really dig the cast in it though and the story seems pretty intriguing 🙂

Another one I’m more interested than my boyfriend in seeing which is something like a 3rd choice is Lesson of the Evil directed by Takashi Miike.  It looks something like some cool gory fun.  By the way, I’m not scared of that genre of movies too much (with the exception of Texas Chainsaw Massacre) so it should be good. It could get creepy also.  Have you heard of it? The synopsis is right HERE!

Another one that is kind of like a guilty pleasure that looks like a pretty ridiculous horror comedy. I had tweeted about this yesterday as a joke but after I saw the trailer, it could be fun.  Who knows? OH, the title! Its BIG ASS SPIDER! It has an awkward Wednesday night showing so my boyfriend can’t go with me.   So with no one, I will pass since it is a US production so it should be  easier to find 🙂 By the way, Misty, this looks exactly what you’d enjoy 😉 Its not sea creature but spiders could be entertaining too! 😉 Find the trailer right HERE!

When this goes up, I’m aiming to go see this really awesome thriller! It looks so messed up.  Its called Magic Magic and has pretty decent cast with Juno Temple, Michael Cera (who really looks crazy) and Emily Browning! The trailer was impressive 🙂 My best friend to confirm that she will go with me!  The trailer is right HERE!

There are a few more but since limited resources, these have peaked my interest as well! So just some honorable mentions with the respective link below!

1) Taiwan production: When A Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep–> http://www.fantasiafestival.com/2013/en/films-schedule/48/when-a-wolf-falls-in-love-with-a-sheep

2) Hong Kong production: Drug War –> http://www.fantasiafestival.com/2013/en/films-schedule/214/drug-war

3) Canadian production: Antisocial –> http://www.fantasiafestival.com/2013/en/films-schedule/163/antisocial

By now, I’m pretty much set on going to get those tickets for Saving General Yang if anything 🙂 And I’m pretty sure that my cold will subside long enough for me to go see one this weekend with my boyfriend! A dose of Nyquil should be help 😉

If you are interested, HERE is the movie list at Fantasia Film Festival 🙂 Maybe you’ve seen some of these and give me some recommendations!

Any cool festivals coming up where you are? Have you heard of some (or all) of these movies?

10 thoughts on “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Fantasia Film Fest 2013!

  1. Sounds great! There actually is a film festival where I live but I always forget about it until after it’s over. It’s not big time like some cities : )


  2. I’ve still yet to get to a festival, but I think this year I’ll make it to the local horror one. Hopefully.

    Ip Man with no Donnie Yen? I don’t know about that.

    Yea, Magic Magic actually looks pretty awesome. If nothing else, Michael Sera looks like a crazy person.


    • I`m serious. Anthony Wong is a really outstanding actor. He can pretty much do any role super well. I have total faith in him 😉
      I`ll review Magic Magic 🙂 Its the first one I`m catching unless I go sometime this week but with my summer cold, I doubt it…


  3. O__O The film festival sounds awesome!! I wish I could go too! The contemporary Japanese film festival just finished over here, and I’m sad I only found out about it towards the end of its run. Even with the internet and fansub groups online, there’s nothing like seeing a movie on a 16 foot screen.


  4. 2 things:

    1- Film festivals are great. I’m excited for you and can’t wait to read about your time there.
    2- I hadn’t seen a trailer for “I’ll Follow You Down” yet and was wondering about it. Glad to see it here and am more interested in it even more. I really hope you get to see that one and share.

    Great post! woohoo


    • As of this moment, I only have 2 movies set, I’ll Follow you Down is a likely choice at this point since I came down with this crazy cold so no movies this weekend and that one is just next weekend. 🙂 The trailer looks so cool.

      I’ll be back with a review very soon 😉 First movie is on Monday! YAY! 🙂


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