I’m BACK!! :)

I’m back home from my vacation in Maine.

Vacation was great and I’ll be posting about it throughout all of next week once I finish sorting out all of the 630 pictures that I took.

I know that I kind of dropped off the map  for the last two days but thats because I didn’t manage to wrap up the movie review but its work in progress and since I promised a vlog, I’ll fit it in also.

Some things have happened as of the last 24 hours in my own personal life.  I will get things back on track.

BUT, first things first, I’m going to start reading those 600+ emails/posts sitting in my inbox….

I’ll be back really soon and I’ll get cracking with everything!

For now, I’m just checking in to give you all a heads up and wish you all a fantastic evening/night (maybe morning?) depending where you are.  I will have a post going up tomorrow (most probably).

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