Week 17: Summer and Outdoors Fun!

Another short work week is upon me.  Once summer starts, there is so many more options to staying active and its all about balancing everything out.  Somehow this year, group activities with friends have decreased leaving me time to insert individual activities or say, going out with my boyfriend and/or mom. Plus, this week, we start preparing for our summer hiking season as we usually do for vacation time! Let’s start! 🙂  Tone it Up is doing two a days, which means two workouts a day, usually cardio with body weights/strength training of some sort.  I’m going to try to follow along but no guarantees 😉


Our first hike of 2013! We did it at Mont St-Hilaire.  I’ve never done it before but the hiking paths there are not bad in difficulty but the viewpoints we saw were quite blah.  Nothing really worth the hike in my opinion.  Maybe if we did the longer hiking trails it would’ve reaped better end results.  I don’t know! It was a very suitable one to start the year and this time, even my mom joined us! 🙂 Definitely was fun! Our legs are just a little bit more ready for more hiking, although I need to be careful because I almost had an accident and sprained/twisted my ankle.  Thank goodness its fine 🙂


After the hike from Monday, my right leg was screaming in pain.  I think it had more to do with the fact that I almost twisted it rather than the walk but I soldiered on and did the Stars & Stripes Cardio Workout once.

 Its actually pretty tough, especially 25 burpees. My max I can do continuously is about 15, then after that I need to do them in fives and pause before finishing the next five. This one felt good at the end of just one routine.


My ankle started hurting today more than before.  I think it has to do with the hiking mishaps that happened.  Seeing as I had a somewhat busy evening getting rid of the rhubarb, I managed to get in the Beach Yoga workout at around 11pm.  Very close to bedtime but its yoga so it tends to relax.  Plus, its been helping with my back pains so I’m happy to do it whenever 🙂 Any yoga online routines you would like to recommend?


I spontaneously decided that I’m going to take a day off! Especially since I plan on going to dragonboat practice tomorrow since I might need to race in the Montreal Challenge next weekend…its would come in handy to get myself back into the rhythm and connect with the team 🙂


DRAGONBOAT! I managed to pull through everything at work and make it to practice! It was raining on and off and crazy humid.  I took a 1km walk before practice.  The actual practice was an hour long and drained me.  We did 6x100m sprints consecutively.  It got me back into having a better feeling on how to do the starts, then we did a relaxed 2km.  Since I can only paddle on Sunday (if I do), I would be part of the 2km so it was an awesome practice.  Drained me completely!


Due to yesterday’s practice, today had to be a day off.  With prep for vacation such as packing and printing and drafting and editing, I really didn’t have time to do anything else.


VACATION TIME! Today’s plan is driving and hiking:) We did a view scenic stops and went to hike on the Bald Mountain Trail. It was a fantastic hike 🙂

OVERALL…this week was great. I did two outdoor activities that I love: hiking and dragonboat. I would definitely recommend trying it out if you get a chance. Other than that, the Stars and Stripes Cardio workout was really fun and effective. Not too bad, right? I managed to do 5 days.

Next week is vacation. I haven’t decided whether to do a roundup or not. I’ll be staying active and relaxing. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Week 17: Summer and Outdoors Fun!

  1. For some reason I wasn’t getting your feed in my reader and thought you were on vacation. Then I found I wasn’t following you anymore!!! Gah!!! Not sure what happened there. Now I have a week’s worth of posts to catch up on!

    Have fun on your vacation, Kim! Sounds like you already started your vacation early! 🙂


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