Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionship

Most would agree that one of the best companions we have in life are our awesome pets.

I’ve always been the type who really love my cat.  My cat right now is just an absolute sweetheart and she’s always my companion.


She’s always there in her own way watching over me.  When I’m in the shower, she will come in and wait for me outside the shower. Sometimes, she’ll sit at the ledge. When I’m playing piano, she’ll always sit by me either on the piano seat and (as annoying as this sounds and is at times), she swooshes her tails and sits there, then jumps down and sits next to the bench.

My bed now..I can sleep in the middle if I want!

My bed now..I can sleep in the middle if I want!

I'm definitely not moving!

I’m definitely not moving!

The best (or worst?) is how she determines her spot in my room.  In the winter, it was always at a certain time of day that my chair was actually her chair.  Other times, it would be her spot at the foot of my bed (or right down the middle) because obviously she’s the master or princess or queen.


How can you resist my cute look?

How can you resist my cute look?

You're not in bed before me? Tough luck!

You’re not in bed before me? Tough luck!

Overdose of my little girl but she’s my companion and that makes her the perfect candidate for my learning about lighting today with my camera.

She’s my companion and every day when I get home, she always makes me smile 🙂

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionship.  Check out other responses HERE!

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionship

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  3. She’s beautiful! So young, too! We had a cat for 18 years before she passed away two years ago. Man, loved her to bits. Does yours chase a ball too? Ours did. We’d throw those small foam balls down the hall and she’d go grab it no problem!


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