Week 16: Summer is HERE! #summersizzler

The short work week for this one! Plus, the next one as well! Its the joy of living in the beautiful province of Quebec and the wonderful country of Canada, right? Two short work weeks rules! I need the break! I can tell you that already 🙂 At least with this first long weekend, I managed to rest a little and catch up on some things…one of them not being reading my overloaded inbox but it was great on the staying active part! This week, its all about welcoming summer and adapting to the heat thats crashing down on us BUT don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely NOT complaining 🙂


I took a day off to spend extra lots of time with my boyfriend.  We had a few things planned, one of them being heading to redeem his Christmas gift to drive some super fast cars 🙂  I did stand around and walk around a lot while waiting for the boyfriend so I was being *kind of* active…Then, after some errands at home…we had agreed to go catch World War Z in theatres 🙂 If you missed the review, HERE it is!


Today’s new workout 4th of July Bikini Workout was the star.  We’re supposed to do this 4 times before 4th of July, I believe.  Its basically doing the whole workout 3 times and each exercise, except for the plank challenge to have 30 reps each.  Here it is:

I haven’t worked out using an exercise ball in ages and I forgot how challenging it was.  That last one was pretty cool.  I was able to hold myself for about 25 seconds before I started to wobble.  They suggested to do that last part with supervision…I took a chance and did it alone with in close vicinity to my bed to that I wouldn’t crash too badly.  Turns out my balance is pretty good 🙂


I don’t know what it is but this year my health has plummeted like mad.  Its going through phases of feeling really restless and digestion has been really taking a beating along with my sleep.  I did go to work today but it wasn’t really the best day ever.  Coming home, the crappy feeling subsided a little but still I was a little bit not too good.

I decided to cut out my cardio routine for jump rope and just do a little session of the Beach Yoga to hopefully relax my body at the same time. I did this routine last week but you can find the video HERE if you’d like to check it out! It did the job I wanted it to! I’m starting to feel better…this time around I managed to do the last bit of stretching following the bridge 🙂


Today’s workout was first started with a 40 minutes post dinner walk.  It was what Tone It Up had planned and surprisingly, my walk with my mom ended up with exactly 40 minutes as well.  After a short little break searching up stuff for one of last week’s post, I went forward to do the She Sells Seashells Routine.  I have put the video right below!

This was a pretty awesome workout! It worked the whole body and as I’m updating this log my core is actually feeling extremely contracted.  Plus, some of the moves were quite fun to do!


I’m finally gaining a nice rhythm to the workouts and easily I was able to set this day as my off day.  For one, I had foreseen an intense week and needing the moment to rest before the long weekend.  Plus, the next one was going to be cardio so might as well take some time off.  DAY OFF! 🙂 Criminals Minds and Pirates 2! At this pace, I will be done Criminal Minds by the end of the long weekend!!


Today turned out to be another misty and partially cloudy/rainy days making it difficult to get my biking routine in during the morning.  I will postpone it to Sunday instead.  I went on a after dinner 40 minutes walk with my mom and then did the 4th of July Bikini Workout from Wednesday 🙂


No workout today! I woke up and did my normal studying routine, lose track of time and then wrapped up my Sunday personal blog post and ran off to work.  Work was supposed to be a few hours and then took more than that.  After that, I had to run off to my friend’s place for dinner with the girls 🙂 Ended up coming home at almost midnight and Monday, even though it is a day off, I have a slightly packed morning! Some hiking planned as well…I did walk a lot today since the buses are less frequent so I have to walk from the terminus to my place! Guess thats better than nothing, right?


This week didn’t turn out too well with only 3 days of actual workouts and one day of yoga (guess that’s my 4th day).  Although for all those days, I managed to get in both cardio and strength training so thats always good, making it efficient.  This week, the highlight was definitely 4th of July Bikini Workout.  Its challenging, fun and works the full body in order to maintain balance on the exercise ball.  Also, I loved the She Sells Seashells Workout.  That one was pretty great and it doesn’t take too long and was definitely efficient.

I’m still working on scheduling in more powered up cardio other than evening strolls.  Its getting in time to go jogging and doing some biking routine that takes a lot of planning and motivation on weekends.  Although, hiking will be the main goal in the coming week.  I probably should get a few days earlier in the week with workouts in order to rest up for the upcoming planned trails 🙂

On to the next week and hope you had a great Monday! 🙂

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