Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye for Tim Burton!

Yesterday’s daily prompt:  Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)  Photographers, artists, poets: show us ART.

Art is quite an abstract and sujective way to express ourselves.  We will interpret what we see differently and as an artist probably is portraying something that is deep inside of them.

As much as I love Monet and Van Gogh with their landscapes and flowers, the most recent art exhibit I went to that totally blew my mind was the Tim Burton exhibit in Toronto a few years back.  It was the one time where an exhibit was able to wow me to the point where I’d go and buy the whole Art of Tim Burton book that weighed about 10 pounds or more, cost me a whole lot of money and still had to lug it around for a good part of the day.

tim burton trick or treat

I love Tim Burton and I’d love to eventually own all his movies and then do a crazy movie marathon of them all.  It’d be exploring something out of the world and completely weird.  For those who love Tim Burton, you already know more than I do why he’s so awesome but most people have seen his creative thoughts and dreams interpreted into movies but seeing the concept art and the drafts is a completely different thing.  Looking at the art that he makes is really an eye-opener.

tim burton lacma art

tim burton art

Those two on the top were found on searching on the Internet where the picture I took of the art in the Tim Burton book was the concept of it.

The above two (taken from Google Images) are replicated from this drawning from the book!

As much I love the art up there, I found the one that really shocked and showed Tim Burton’s creativity to the maximum level of weird and crazy (if anything) is one that I don’t have a picture of but I did find this one!

tim burton fave art

Its built in the form of a little house.  Stainboy is holding some weapon and through the windows, we see the Christmas tree, a the feet of a man in one of the rooms while all the walls and floors are drenched with blood.  Crazy stuff but so amazing that this stuff goes through his mind!

The Last of its Kind!

The Last of its Kind!

Stepping into the world of Tim Burton and his creativity of his movie projects and his other pieces was definitely an experience that was dark and profound.  It came to wonder how a man could possibly dream up these ideas. To normal people, those would be nightmares full of monsters, weird alien-like creatures, distorted images, etc.

To think that when he first started, his drawings looked like those of Dr. Seuss! I know that this exhibit did some touring back when I saw it.  Definitely a memorable experience that drew to love Burton’s work even more! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye for Tim Burton!

    • Well…to be fair..it wasn`t all messed up stuff. There was display of the costumes and props from the movies. The stop motion art for the Nightmare Before Christmas and all the facial expressions he needed to make for Jack. The evolution of his drawings, etc.
      It does get a little heavy..haha!


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