Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

How does the world look through your eyes?

I’m guessing we all see something different based on where we live, what values we believe in and just what interests we have.  For me, the world through my eyes is hard to determine. This doesn’t define my world per se but it does reflect the area where I’m in! Some nice shots from different angles and different events!

Religion and beliefs in general! Beautiful architecture reflecting the endless possibilities of creativity that others bring into our world to brighten up our lives.  I may not be a church-goer but I do believe in some form of higher power up there watching over us.  I respect those with faith because its what gives us hope for a better tomorrow or simply motivation to live through every single day despite the things that have happened.

Eglise Notre-Dame

Eglise Notre-Dame

Art can be shown and presented anywhere! This used to be along an emergency exit stairs..until this building is now empty, I believe.

Back of a building in Chinatown!

Back of a building in Chinatown!

We see the beautiful world of loyalty in the eyes of our furry best friends! In this case, I saw it in the longing glare of my boyfriend’s sister’s father in law’s dog! She followed her owner everywhere and sat to wait for him patiently to come see her.


Our world is also built by the youth that will one day be our future. They show us how to be naive and have fun with the most simple things in life.  They remind us that time is fast every single year that we watch them grow up.

From when they were little babies with their little dangling toys next to their baby carriage/basket (what do you call it? I’m not a mother yet, not sure of the term)…


To their birthdays, year after year…

Growing older year by year!

Growing older year by year!

Till when we see them being innocent and happy as they aren’t afraid to show who they are and how they feel.


The world through my eyes is complicated in the social context but at the same time, I choose to  remain hopeful and positive.  We can see the happiness that surrounds us with our family and friends.  We can remember to stay naive and sometimes nostalgic as we become kids with the children around us, as we laugh with them and smile when we see their eyes sparkle with joy!

We can find enjoyment in seeing the creativity, thought and passion involved in everything surrounding us.

This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge theme, The World Through Your Eyes! Check HERE for more posts 🙂

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