Leap Year (2010)

Who likes Amy Adams? I think she’s a super pretty and elegant actress! I first saw her in Enchanted and thought she was adorable! Then, after this one a year or two ago, I learned about Matthew Goode who is a pretty decent actor himself! Plus, he proved he could make awesome movies in any sort of character like in The Lookout and I’m about to watch Stoker (which I recently bought).

leap year posterDirector: Anand Tucker

Cast: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott, John Lithgow, Tony Rohr

Anna (Amy Adams) and Jeremy (Adam Scott) are getting ready to get one of the most pretigious apartments Davenport in Boston.  Anna is a stager for realtors to transform the apartments to make them presentable and impressive to encourage buyers while Jeremy is a doctor.  When Jeremy has to head over to Dublin for a work conference, she decides to fly over on leap year to propose to him because the tradition is that he will have to accept her proposal.  However, due to a big storm and her flight is rerouted, she ends up in Dingle where she requests the help of a rude innkeeper Declan (Matthew Goode) to lead the way. This Irish man challenges and surprises her and breaks her out of her plans and being fully in control of everything and makes her question if her decision to get married were right.

leap year castle

This is a pretty average romantic comedy.  However, romantic comedies are essentially to dish out all the corny plots and silly lines and build up this simple story of romance that can happen when you least expect it.  Thats all I ever expect out of this.  One of the reasons I love to watch this movie is for the setting.  Ireland is beautiful.  Is it actually filmed in Ireland? I have no idea, maybe someone can help me, but man, so gorgeous to look at.

Leap Year

Second reason I love to watch this is for Amy Adams.  She has this on screen charm that makes all the movies she’s in shine a little more.  In this one, she’s fantastic at the controlling and slightly arrogant Anna who shields herself from any surprises in her life because she doesn’t really have much faith.  However, she is casted opposite Matthew Goode.  This is actually the first flick I ever saw him in.  Recently, he’s been on my radar as a really bad bad guy, if you get what I mean, in The Lookout! It made me want to go back to relive this movie where he plays this sarcastic and bitter unromantic guy who was hurt by love before.  Very different character in the two movies.  Amy Adams and Matthew Goode really had awesome chemistry and some of their lines seriously made me laugh.

leap year declan

Honestly, I rewatched this movie to help myself write this review.  Its a romantic comedy that you don’t really have to expect too much from.  If you want to just sit back and relax and watch an alright flick, this is it.  You can see Amy Adams and Matthew Goode charm the screen with their chemistry as their characters. You can enjoy breathtaking Ireland scenery (to replace going on vacation).  The story is predictable but still, its an decent concept.  Average is how I would describe it.  I’ve seen a lot better and I’ve seen much much much worse 😉

Amy Adams is who I want to talk about! She’s been about the recent movies these days? Whats a role you really enjoyed her in? Do you like her as an actress or maybe you think she’s pretty? Did you like her in this role (if you’ve seen this before)?

33 thoughts on “Leap Year (2010)

  1. I saw this flick on cable and really enjoyed it. I’m a sucker for romantic comedies, and this one was predictable as you mentioned, but it had its moments, made me swoon, and Amy Adam is a babe… 🙂


  2. The first time seeing Amy Adams in anything was in the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous. She was hilarious in it as one of these beauties whose boyfriend couldn’t get enough of her, ahem, vivaciousness (this movie has a BIG recommend from me).

    Anyway, loving the actress in other roles, this movie really makes her shine. First of all, the movie’s look is incredible. Makes everyone want to go to Ireland. The scene I love most is with the car stranded on the road. The beautiful vista’s this movie has is to die for. Also, I love the gorgeous pic you chose for when the movie shows the big reveal of the castle. It’s absolutely stunning! But the fun part of this movie is seeing Amy’s character try to cope with Ireland’s modern conveniences. Her delivery as the frazzled professional trying to keep her life perfectly organized works like a charm.

    Amy’s the type of actress who can do almost anything in any movie, really. So when I see her name in the top billing, I’m always eager to see what she has planned for the role. Again, great movie.


    • I have never heard of Drop Dead Gorgeous. I’ll have to put that on my list to watch 🙂 My first movie experience was Enchanted and she was just so hilarious and adorable.
      The scenery is quite awesome! They picked a really nice area. That road was really nice. Amy Adams always seems to do these roles of adapting to new situations and she’s just so good at them.
      Love your detailed comment! 🙂 You reviewed the movie better than I did..hahaha! Agree with every word 🙂


      • Seriously? Watch it! WATCH. IT! It’s one of those incredibly dark comedies that grows on a person. When I first watched it I thought, Wha? But after a few more viewings I realized just how really smart the movie really is. Warning: There’s one pretty gnarly gross-out scene. If you don’t have the stomach for it, I suggest to fast forward it. You’ll know instantly when you see it! Other than that, it’s a hilarious mockumentary no one should miss in their lifetime.

        How’s that for a plug? 😉


  3. I cannot imagine Amy Adams ever making a bad movie or not being able to pull off her roles. I think the first time I was conscious of her was in the Night at the Museum 2 movie. Of course later I relaized she was in Cruel Intentions. I loved her in Julie and Julia and finally saw her in Enchanted with the always romantic lead Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey.

    I am married to a red head so of course that is a big plus for me. From a man’s perspective she is very easy on the eyes, so check two. I suppose it is her girl next door charm, much like Sandra Bullock had in the beginning of her career that probably is her best quality. Here is hoping Hollywood doesn’t drain that from her.


    • Thats what you call it? The girl next door charm? I’d agree with that. She’s an outstanding actress and I hope to see her do many more roles in Hollywood. I hope that she doesn’t change either and keep that charm 🙂


  4. I really like Amy Adams too and i loved this movie! Yes, according to IMDB, it was filmed in Ireland for most of that. And I may have to watch it again because your post and the idea of the film have inspired me for another “Traveling through the movies” blog very soon!


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