Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

This week’s Photo Challenge is CURVES! We see curves everywhere.  I wanted to use some form of body curvature but mine still hasn’t been sculpted that way yet. Haha!

Let’s see what the little details in my life and flipping through pictures have gotten me.

The most recent picture is a sticker on the post office’s boxes outside of what looks like those Mario’s evil turtle’s shells.


I thought it was kind of cute.  Don’t you think so? I don’t know how to describe that but its a curvy aquarium drawn in a cartoon-ish way.

My favorite subjects are also very curvy, no matter which type you look at and these are some “bell” flowers.  I don’t know the name of those flowers but I love it when they bloom. So small, cute and hidden but when you look closely, they are so delicate and pretty.


We usually also see curves in public statues, whether it be of people or objects.  The one set in early Spring at Square Dix30, an area of a new shopping complex had this cute one which represented all the shopping items of interest.


The last one is of the St. Joseph’s Oratory from the bottom of the hill looking up.  You can see the curves in the different sets of stairs leading up to it and the curve in the dome, plus the curvy/rounded upper viewing deck.


This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves.  To see other responses, please check it out HERE!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

  1. good eye for “curves”…I also thought of a woman’s body for curves…but, after looking down at my own…I was just way too curvy!..ha, ha!… I call the little bell flowers “Lily of the Valley”…I have a few…they spread after getting started…which is what I want…


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