Week 13: Warm Weather = More Cardio

Switching in more cardio is the goal this week! Changes are what matters and without cardio, I won’t slim down and tone up at the same time.  It’ll be nice to get rid of that disgusting belly fat.  My problem area in all these years which barely ever leaves me.  It makes me self-conscious all the time.  Although, in general, I am self-conscious but thats just how I am…Anyways, lets start off this week! I’m motivated and ready to go!


Today’s plan is the Surfer’s Paradise..AGAIN! I know I know…but Tone It Up girls seem to think its worth it.  I’m starting to believe them actually.  Its really helped because each time I do it, I get just a bit quicker and each move is more solid and smooth.  Its pretty nice.  Two rounds of those make up one full workout.  After that, my boyfriend and I went out for a 1 mile walk around the neighborhood.


New Workout day! I always look forward to the new workouts because it switches things up.  This week’s is all about the abs and arms.  I love doing those parts.  This workout is called Pura Vida Workout!

This workout kicked me seriously in the ass! I wanted to cry while I was doing the Spider Monkey Pushups.  I was already suffering in the first round…imagine at the 3rd one.  I always knew I had weak triceps but doing this was just ridiculous.  My boyfriend suggested to do two days of triceps.  Thats a decent idea. Although that means veering away from TIU workouts..which could be refreshing, but then to me, I’m doing triceps every single day.  Either way, a very decent exercise for arms and abs! I may have cried in pain but its short and efficient burst!


Thailand Tush day! One full workout a day? These girls are taking it easy for us! Despite that, its starting to feel a bit tiring.  I did 2 rounds of this and went for an extra long walk with my boyfriend. Double the usual that we’ve been doing and it felt good.


I had intended on making Friday my day off but my motivation was getting low and frankly, a bit bored.  Maybe its the non-stop rainy weather that will continue on till next week apparently, or just needing some change in life.  I don’t know, but that low was a sign that grumpy me needed a day off so we went to do grocery shopping and actual shopping for dress pants for work.  Fun stuff, right?


The rain can keep falling but I have to find that energy to keep going.  Especially since the weekend workouts seemed distant with the big house party at my place to welcome “summer” and see everyone after our winter hibernation (at least for me).  Saving means sacrifices.  I did the Sunseeker Workout.

I love this workout.  Although my mind wasn’t totally there because of work-related issues.  Still, it was nice to workout and just move around.


I spent Saturday running around doing groceries and getting the Father’s Day gift then cleaning the house and followed by cooking for my potluck reunion house party at my place.  Unless you counted my sudden desire to go out and destress by trimming trees (which I already talked about), there really wasn’t much exercise.  Oh wait, does running around before dinner making sure everything was done and heated correctly plus making sure NO ONE burns down my house exercising, I’d say I did a good hour of that 😉 No worries! Everything is intact at my place!


I’m serious…I feel bad that I didn’t do much on Sunday.  I spent it cleaning up the remainder of the house and returning it to pre-party setup.  I trimmed the tree which is exercise.  At night we went for a good evening walk.

This week I really took it easy.  One of the reasons is that it has been a bit tough.  As of something that happened on Friday, I’ve been reflecting on life a lot and I’m probably going to post about it.  Its been hard getting myself out of this mental rut.  Working out usually helps but I haven’t had time to schedule it in, however drinking also helped me get my mind off it but thats just a short-term escape.  Either way, I’ll talk about it more in another post.  This week there was only one new workout and that Pura Vida workout on Tuesday kicked my ass and I loved it! I’m going to get it down one day and it won’t own me.  However, if you haven’t been following my previous workouts, Sunseeker Workout is one of my faves! So check that out if you want a good full body workout 😉

Oh right, I probably won’t get in 100 miles by summer but as of this week, I am tallied at 56.5 miles out of 100. Past the 50% mark but this week, hopefully weather will get better and I’ll get even more cardio in.  Its been tough getting cardio into my life but this week, I managed to up it for 3 days until the rain hit and so on so forth 😉

9 thoughts on “Week 13: Warm Weather = More Cardio

  1. Good Luck Kim. I dusted off my bike and filled th tires and enjoyed riding that instead of the care the past few weeks as well. I love it! I feel like a kid on a bike. Remember do the cardio and manipulate that body (image). 🙂


  2. I have been walking each morning, except this morning sue to the rain, which makes me feel better. I am not as devoted as you however. Perhaps it is your youth that is the difference.


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