Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Signs sometimes mean a little more than they seem. We can find a joke in some misleading or misspelled signs or just certain that just bring up memories or others that alert us of something going on.  It reflects the culture and the region and the environment you are in.

This week’s photo challenge was THE SIGN SAYS.


I'm not the one driving...haha!

I’m not the one driving…haha! Thats how I can take this fab pic for you 😉

Right before we cross..its the exciting moment before we see the US customs.


Waiting for our turn to go see the US borders officer who will in turn ask us in a serious tone where we’re going and why? Shopping run to get Gatorade and food…Usually thats when we get a blank stare and they just let us go.


At Champlain Centre, they even have bilingual signs for one and also, they don’t say Smoke free but Tobacco Free. Hmm…interesting! I’ve been here a few times but its the first time I noticed it!


This Starbucks ad sign was all cute and angled nicely. I found it inside the Target.  I thought it made the drink, Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino look extremely delicious.  Even if I can’t drink this…Attractive ad though!

You’ve seen my Plattsburgh trip in what I found and now, its measured by the signs I saw 😉 Creative, right? (Please say yes…)

This is my response to this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says.  Check it out HERE!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

  1. “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” Why all of a sudden is everyone yelling? 😉 Also, I like the Starbucks sign, it’s original. Great shapes. You know, during my daily constitutional (walk), I always pass by a mailbox that’d been nailed at the top of a telephone pole. On the mailbox someone had painted the words “Air Mail.” No joke.


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