Heat Waves, US Day Trip & BBQ Dinner with Friends (and more..)!!!

I’m starting to realize how boring my life can be…on Friday nights.  So, solution to this, my personal life posts are going to be on Sundays now! Great solution, right?

On Friday, we got hit with an immense heat wave.  I went from wearing pants and 3/4 sleeves in the beginning of the week with a light jacket to wearing a tank top and capris to work.  I went to a second consecutive Dragonboat on Friday night, just because I felt like it.  Especially with such beautiful weather, I managed to get in a really really long walk along the basin and then practice felt wonderful.  I can still feel the muscle pains.

Whenever it gets all sunny and hot, I start feeling extremely youthful! Not that I’m old or anything but that cues in this awesome song that I found. By the way, I love Shawn Desman! I have no idea why..but I think that he makes some pretty good music!

Plus, I heard about something from this YouTube channel Philip DeFranco that I recently started following…check it out here.  You can watch the whole video but that part starts at 3:00 of the video.  Just saying that I would never do that EVER!

Would you send some abstract misleading text and just see how someone reacts? Of course, this guy also does movie/TV reviews on Saturdays so if you want, you can check that out.  It never ceases to amaze me how quick he can talk….

WAIT…off topic! Kinda! I was supposed to talk about something more awesome like Saturday (yesterday).  It was even hotter than Friday! 38C high *faints* I skipped my cardio workout in the morning and eventually headed out to Plattsburgh with my friend for a quick food run! Of course, this time, I had something else on my agenda and thats getting those awesome crazy 4-6-8-10 movie packs.  There was so many unknown (and possibly crappy) movies packed in one disc in so many genres I almost wanted to buy them all, if only I didn’ t have a limit crossing the border back to Canada.  Here’s what I got:



A huge thank you to Eric@ Isaacs Pictures Conclusions for bringing this up to me 🙂 Even though the Shitfest 2013 has pretty much finished at least I’m charged for next year 😉 Just need to send in the votes (as for everyone else who participated) and then wait to see who won 🙂


Then I also got some cute Stride gum.  They are getting really artsy. We have Doodle Berry over here and they have Lover Boy.

I came home to a whole lawn of blooming flowers so I ran back outside to take pictures of my fave photo subjects!





Beautiful colors make me happy! Yikes! This is where I realize that I need to run inside to finish cleaning and start baking for BBQ with my friends at 5pm! I ended up getting there late because of various situations that occurred.  Great times with friends and we hung out looking at her wedding photos (which I covered before HERE) along with drinking and eating (a lot) plus of course, desserts! 🙂

White Grape & Peach Juice + Sierra Mist + Vodka

White Grape & Peach Juice + Sierra Mist + Vodka

Five Guys Fries, Pasta and Cucumber

Five Guys Fries, Pasta and Cucumber

Looks the same but delish MARGARITAS!

Looks the same but delish MARGARITAS!

BBQ Ribs on my plate! I forgot to take pic of the chicken....

BBQ Ribs on my plate! I forgot to take pic of the chicken….

My friend's Fruit Crisp! So delicious with ice cream (soy-based in my case)!

My friend’s Fruit Crisp! So delicious with ice cream (soy-based in my case)!

A slice of my cake!

A slice of my cake!

We tried my cake much later in the night after we had some time to digest.  The recipe will be up tomorrow 🙂 A very short one! Super fun night as always with my girls and even some guys this time.  We even got in a part of Period  3 of the Boston Bruins vs Pittsburgh Penguins game last night.  We decided to leave when it was at 3-0 Bruins…At around midnight, it was homeward bound!

That was my weekend! Super fun and hot and fun! The heat may get disgusting but at least we had a sun and it made me feel super happy and energetic 🙂

Aww wait! I can’t resist but to swarm you with another hilarious video for Comedy Week on YouTube from some YouTube artists that I follow: Taryn Southern and Chester See.  Its pretty funny in a very silly way!

How was your weekend? Did you get a heat wave also? Did you have a weekend getaway or day trip? Any new finds? Did you party it up? Or maybe you enjoyed some quality me time?

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!!!

3 thoughts on “Heat Waves, US Day Trip & BBQ Dinner with Friends (and more..)!!!

  1. Great stuff, Kim!!

    I can’t wait to get your thoughts on some of the beauties that must exist in those three DVDs!! HAHAHAHA!!


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