A Word A Week Challenge: Face…With Lots Of Silliness

Sue@ A Word in Your Ear came across FACE this week in her dictionary as the challenge theme.  Check out her fabulous site and the challenge entries HERE!

This is a crazy hard theme that I’ve thought of all week. I had so many ideas that didn’t involve featuring other people since I have an issue with taking pictures of strangers.  I’m too shy for that.  Lets see what I have to offer!

The most joyful and cutest photo shoot is of my Disney plush collection 🙂

We have gathered here Tramp, Zazu, Lucifer, Lady, Lotso, Dumbo, Stitch, Vintage Mickey, Bambi, Marie and with a special appearance from Alvin!

Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? I had so much fun putting them together in last minute photo shoot.  My room is really dim so the lighting is kind of funky.  Sorry about that! Still, its pretty good, right?

The second idea I’m featuring is silly for me.  I debated a long time and convinced myself that it was worth the laugh for all of you 🙂

Thats about as silly as I can get and possibly the most creative! I applaud myself on the courage to humiliate myself. At least I hope that I gave you all a good laugh to spice up the Friday 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. Don’t forget to head over to check out Sue’s awesome blog and all the fantastic entries 🙂 The link is up on top!

22 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge: Face…With Lots Of Silliness

  1. Haha! First of all, I’m working backwards here, those pics of you are hilarious and fun! The What’s Up There is perfect. I also love the YAWN one. Like I said, they look fun! As for the plush toys? The color, the lighting, the angles…man, you went all out! I love them all! I think if you were to put them all up as a collage, on a wall, you’d have a serious topic of conversation for all any guests popping over. Great share! 🙂


    • Thanks Jack! I had more fun than I thought doing this 🙂 Although it meant climbing on top of all sorts of furniture to get them all assembled. I seriously thought I had more plushies 🙂
      I ran out of faces to make at the camera though..but I think YAWN was how I was feeling right then at there at midnight 😉
      That collage sounds like a good idea..but you mean like my blog wall/side bars/fb?


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