Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Every once in a while, we all need to find our escape from the reality around us.  For me, I find it in a lot of places.

One of my escapes is when my cat sleeps on me and then starts purring while she’s just looking at me.  It makes my mind empty out and just feel loved and very happy!


At lunch or on the bus, I use reading and music to take myself away from the troubles of work and escape for the little amounts of time.


My current book that I’m reading embodies my escape as well! My morning and lunchtime escape…and Dr Seuss is my bedtime escape 🙂 Music (aka my MP3 player) also is always good for any form of escape during workouts or bus rides.  It can always help me escape from worries and stress!

or..taking a bike ride to the riverside and sitting down to enjoy the cool breeze and look into the distance.

Escape on a bike ride along the river

Escape on a bike ride along the river

One of the best ways to escape is just taking a hike or sitting underneath or next to a waterfall 🙂

Sitting right next to waterfalls

Sitting right next to waterfalls

Or even just dipping my feet in some nice cool water..


I can list so many other ways that all these pictures would also imply: road trips, weekend getaways, friends, baking etc.

There is one way I’d love to show but I can’t without someone else taking a picture of and my best escape is actually being in the arms of my boyfriend.  He drains all the craziness away from me and makes me forget all my worries.  Sappy and nauseating, yes, I know..but its the truth!

What would be your way of showing escape?

This is my response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme ESCAPE!

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

  1. What a beautiful post, Kim. I loved the whole peaceful feeling I got reading it. Love those falls. But especially love how you escape with music and reading. What music player is that? Isn’t reading such a great way to escape from everything around you? I’m constantly with a book in my hand. Or rather, I’m with my Nexus 7, which contains all my books. So much fun and so relaxing!


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