Week 11: #100bySummer

Tone it Up not only launched their Bikini Series which I’m pretty much participating in except that they don’t take 2 days off but I do and I’m doing less cardio than them.  However, this week launches their 100 miles by summer which means each day there averages to about 2.5 miles for the next 6 weeks.  There will be days that I won’t be get it in but since it can be walking, jogging or biking (whatever distance accounts for 1/3 only though), its going to be motivating to get myself outside.  I’m doing all this most of the time by myself so its hard enough to keep myself going without having to physically move myself off my own land and go out and let people see me dying from a little jogging.  Since biking counts, I’m in and I’m getting those tires pumped up! We’re bringing in the cardio challenges now 🙂


Bad start for the week! I woke up feeling like absolute crap with a sore throat and a small cough and a bit of a runny nose.  Took some meds and went off to work to figure that everything got better except my body fought it with a fever.  All I could do when I came home from work at the end of the day was eat then sit in bed.  Suffice to say, there was no workout today…

Only walking I did was to and from the bus station to work which is about 1 km each way, equalling to about 1.25 miles or so.


I can already see this week turning out to be pretty bad in the workout area.  However, as much as I was feeling sick, I still managed to get in a light workout.  Maybe sweating it out will work, right? So I went ahead and did the new workout that Tone it Up posted up called Your Bridal Babe Workout. 2 rounds of 20 reps for the majority of them.  The only one I did 10 reps of was the Walking Down the Aisle. That was pretty intense.

It will be a constant that I have 1.25 miles to and from work.  Today I did have to take a walk to drop off a document so that was an additional 0.70 miles.


Lets say energy level dropped big time today.  It started feeling like the sickness was coming back already.  However, I rested it up.  Avoided going out in the windy night and stayed in but managed to get in the Thigh Workout designated from Tone it Up.

It actually got pretty tough by the third round.  My thighs were completely screaming in pain! This is definitely a good one.

Walking to and from work 1.25 miles. From parking to chiro office 0.5 miles (I’m getting desperate)


It seems that Thursdays are the day to murder ourselves.  I’m starting to notice the slow build up every week to get more and more intense.  This week’s Tone it Up set to do 3 rounds Surfer’s Paradise.  I did that! At the 3rd round, I almost wanted to collapse while doing those Pacific Paradise.  I’ve somehow acquired better balance for those Kiwi Kicks and not always preventing myself from face planting onto the hardwood floor (which is always a good thing).  Maybe those ab workouts are paying off ;).  Next up are supposed to be 3 rounds of Cowabunga Workout.  Thats crazy! I ended up doing two and at the end I realized that I did the Far Out wrong and forgot to do the TIU Tummy Tucks.  On my 2nd round, instead of Surf’s Up (which I did 4 rounds of altogether already), I did 20 TIU Tummy Tucks to make up for it.  Very efficient and it felt super great! I was sweating waterfalls…but it was time to wrap up the wedding video for my friend! Looks like it’ll be a late night already…

Walk: 1.25 miles for work bus terminus, went out for shopping for an hour and that was at least a mile of walking 😉


Day off today! I finish work at 5:30pm and meeting up with the bride to be and the other bridesmaids for the bachelorette party at 6pm.  WOOHOO! Party Time! Suffice to say, I wouldn’t fit it in anyways…

One thing about this night is that there was a lot of walking. 1.25 miles to and from work to terminus. All the walking we did in downtown between each location summed up to 2.3 km which is 1.40 miles roughly 🙂


Friday night juiced me out real good.  Shows that I’m aging.  So I got in DDR 30minutes which is for the cardio part.  Tone It Up girls said dancing an hour counts for 3 miles.  I did 30 mins so I’m taking the 1.5 miles 🙂


Today was my good friend’s wedding day! The day started off at 6am to get myself ready.  It was extremely fun and everything went pretty much on schedule.  As with everything, there’s always a few bumps here and there that we had to fix up along the way but we all stayed calm and carried on ;).  I’ll have a post about that in a bit.  Other than running back and forth and getting here and there for the wedding, there really wasn’t any exercising…although if it was for me, walking with artificial height is exercise in itself 😉

This week was decent, I’d say.  My cold fought me but I fought back and managed to get in 4 days of workout as I had wanted.  Although  only one day qualified in the intense area, the point was that I stayed moving.  Adding that 100 miles by summer goal was really fun and I’d say that this week, I clocked in 11.35 miles in a week.  Not really at par most days BUT…this coming week, I’ll do better…or I hope because my cold is battling me with full force as I type this.

Luckily today is Victoria Day and its a day off.  🙂 Happy Monday everyone!

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