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Isaacs Picture Conclusions

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Director: Eric Red

Cast: Mariel Hemingway, Michael Pare, Mason Gamble

While on a journalism assignment in Nepal, Ted (Michael Pare) and his girlfriend Marjorie are attacked spontaneously by a beast (while they are having sex). The beast sweeps down and shreds Marjorie to pieces while Ted rummages for the gun and blows off the beast’s head but not before he gets clawed by this creature. After vanishing for a while, he comes in contact with his sister Janet (Mariel Hemingway). Through a turn of events, he ends up parking his trailer in her backyard and staying in close vicinity to her, her son Brett (Mason Gamble) and their German Shepherd dog Thor. During his stay there, Thor starts acting strangely towards him and we get revealed to his slow transformation into a completely uncontrollable werewolf. His last hope is that the family love that surrounds him…

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One thought on “SHITFEST 2013 ENTRY 9: BAD MOON (1996)

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