A Word A Week Challenge: Orange

Colors and lights are always tricky little things.  On Saturday`s events, I had exhibit the first tulip to bloom.

In case you missed it, here it is:


It looks pink, right?

Its actually more of a coral orange.

When I went up close on Sunday, it looked like this…


I love the tint of the interior of that flower…So beautiful 🙂


The symmetry and the contrast of yellow, orange and black really make this tulip so awesome!

This is my response to Sue @ A Word in Your Ear’s A Word a Week Challenge: Orange! If you want to check out more entries or join in, please see them HERE!

Seeing all these flowers blooming now and making the garden all colorful makes me crazy happy! How about you? What flowers are blooming where you are? What are your favorite spring flowers?

11 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge: Orange

  1. You second photo’s amazing. I’ve always loved the color orange. Even the candy flavor orange gets me excited. I like the color so much, it’s part of my banner on my website! lol Oh, and we’re finally seeing the flowers bloom over here. I guess it is true: April showers bring May flowers.


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