Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Yesterday was probably the best day so far of 2013!

Saturday was a gorgeous day! It was beautiful and sunny! A lot of things were done and it was absolutely fun! I decided to document my day FROM ABOVE!

I started off an early day to pick up my friend and go out to get some shopping done!

First of all though, he took me out to treat me for my belated breakfast at Ben and Florentine’s!

The Big Ben!

The Big Ben!

The Big Ben was my choice! I hesitated because it usually is too much for me! It was 2 eggs with ham, bacon and sausages with their fried potates and applesauce 🙂 There’s always 2 slices of toast on the side! I ended eating most of it by myself.  Where did I get that appetite?

After that went off to do some shopping and run errands.  After I dropped him off at home, I went back to do some more girly shopping like for clothes and more gender neutral like books. I went to Quartier Dix30 shopping complex to enjoy some of the sun.  They had some cute floral decorations to give a nice projection on the sidewalks.


After time flew by, I went back home and while I was getting ready and searching up my workout for the day, I had a little visitor who didn’t want me to leave her in the house alone, even though I was just in the backyard.


Of course, once I finished playing with her, I went off to the backyard to do my workout 🙂 It was super kickass.  My first full workout outside a bit spiced up to what I wanted to do.  The sun was blazing on me and I could wear my tank top and new shorts (that I bought that morning at Mountain Equipment Co-op).


After the workout, I went back in to make my first ever Protein Powder drink that I just received the week of! You’ll see me talk about that in the weekly workout update.  I mixed it with some apple juice since I ran out of almond milk..haha! Tasted delicious!


As I stood by the counter drinking my protein shake, I watched my cat looking outside…


The first tulip blooming inside…


Its then my phone rang and its my best friend coming to stay over for the night and telling me she would arrive at the subway stop soon:) So I went off to grab my car and went off to get her.  Afterwards, we sat down and had a great night eating and she chose to watch this movie! Review will be coming up!


The night ended with a lot of sangria, games of Time Crisis 4 and a lot of chatting and laughs! We even watched a bit of TV series while we both studied our respective subjects before heading to bed!

Saturday was perfect even when looking from above 😉

This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above!

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