Week 8: Relieving Stress, Staying in Balance

The last two weeks seemed to have been sickly and then tiring.  To top that off, we come into one of the busiest weeks of the entire year at work.  I had no idea how it would go to be honest.  To top it off, Tone it Up was starting its Bikini Series again which caused it to not give out the Weekly Schedule but rather just Monday workout.  So no plans for the week on Sunday, causing it even harder to actually get anything going.  Lets see if I even manage to get in 4 workouts and we enter into the last indoor practice for dragonboat, I’m not even sure if I can make it this week…but the intention is there.


Following my writeup on last week’s  workouts, I realized I accomplished more than I had expected and it had tired out my body.  Sunday’s one set along with the full exercise on Saturday caused my lower body to be in immense pain.  I had to take the day off even I remotely wanted to do something on Tuesday.


Bikini Series starts today on Tone It Up.  I originally wasn’t too sure about joining and I’m pretty sure I won’t follow the whole thing since I like to switch it up a little here and there.  However the first workout did look cool. Even if they ask for morning workouts.  I don’t have energy for that… Either way, I decided to put together this week`s workouts on this very day.  Later than usual, but still, I`ll manage to get in a nice workout.

Today`s plan is a body weight workout called No Excuses Workout by PopSugar which I got from Pumps and Iron February Workout Roundup. Here is what it looks like:

OMG! This workout is crazy intense! The first circuit is possibly the hardest and it just smacks you down in pieces by the time you get to 3rd time.  The other 2 circuits aren’t particularly hard if they were done before the first circuit.  Definitely a keeper 🙂 I like to torture myself.  I call it challenging myself!


Seeing as Monday was a break day and this weekend might be crazy. I decided to use today as a workout day also. Plus, the Bikini Series is supposed to be working out every day.  They asked for 2 challenges today.  Challenge 1 is a 45 Cardio.  I don’t jog at night by myself…mostly for safety issues. I decided to the 45 minutes Pumps and Irons remix routine.

Did I ever tell you have much I love Pumps and Iron workouts? Because I do! Her workouts are like intense to the max where I end up cursing in pain and getting all disgusting and sweaty, but you know that its mega effective and efficient 🙂 I know I pushed myself every time after! I hope that she’ll come up with more of these workout DJ-ing! Mashups are fun stuff!

Then I followed through with the Challenge 2 and did Sunkissed Abs Workout from Tone it Up 🙂 Since I didn’t do a complete cardio, I did one set of this workout!


Tone it Up workout for today is called Bikini Strap Workout! Normally this is my dragonboat day but overtime at work has caused me to miss out on the last indoor practice.  Sad to see that this is the way I will end dragonboat season.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go back on part time.  Its my motivation to get that certificate done! Back to the Bikini Strap Workout, it was a strength training workout with super sets on mostly the upper body.  It was pretty intense for some of them.


I had to give myself a day off.  Other than having a long work day, I started coming up with sickness so I spent every moment I could either relaxing, drinking water or going to the washroom to flush out the bad toxins.  It didn’t really feel like I did much but sit around. At least I succeeded in resting, something my body will need for the next 3-4 days of craziness.


I had posted about brainwashing failure and how my sickness did not go away causing today to be a horrible day. It did NOT feel great at all. By the end of the day, for various reasons, I wanted to bang my head against the table and just sleep.  I did bang my head against the table, but I did not sleep until later that night.  I took the route of giving my body yet another day to rest and get better. 3rd day off this week, but I think its a good choice.


Because if you were following my previous post, you know that it was a fantastic choice.  My massive sore throat went away for the most part and I was super energetic and happy for some weird reason.  The enthusiasm for going into the office on Sunday was a bit abnormal.  Still, I didn’t end up staying for too long…4 hours or so and leaving.  One of the reasons I left early was to go home and prep for my postponed piano lesson and the second reason is for you…however, I am debating whether I want to post about it right now.  You will know about it eventually 🙂  Good news at night was that I managed to get in the workout I wanted.  I did the Friday one below from Tone It Up.

That was one set and it worked the full body and felt pretty awesome.  It didn’t say how many times to do it but I followed up with 2 sets of Itty Bitty Bikini Workout.  I’ve already done this one before and I remember liking it the last time and I still do.

This week was tiring, stressing and all sorts of negative.  I have managed to keep everything in balance and fought through sickness.  I don’t think I completely won the battle as I have a bit of sniffles. It could be worse and so far its been pretty alright. Plus, I got a few things done and I managed to do 4 days of workout so there wasn’t too much slacking off.  I didn’t even go and binge on junk food.  I always give you some fave workouts. This week its a bit harder to recommend but I think I felt the most awesome was Tuesday’s No Excuses Workout and Wednesday’s Pumps and Iron Workout Mashup!

Next week’s Bikini Series workouts are all set out.  I’m going to see if I can fit it all in. 🙂 Although Monday and Tuesday will be slightly tricky…

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