Updates and My First Vlog!

Are you excited?

I’m mega scared to air this.  What if you think I’m crazy? It feels like a first date.  Although I don’t even remember what that feels like, so maybe a job interview.

I felt like the original one take vlog wasn’t good enough even after some little bits editing redundant parts.  I did film this in Old Montreal with some scenery, so the effort was there, even though I was super self-conscious..and I realize I never know where to look. It was a trial with the video recording functions on my phone.  The quality is actually pretty good.

I don’t own a tripod so please excuse the shake.  I tried my best to hold my notes and the camera in the other hand and not jitter around. I even tried to hide behind a tree and people still stared at me when they walked by…

Hope you enjoy it! Links mentioned will be posted below the video!


Thanks to Chris @ Film Hipster for the mention here–> Ironman 3, 100% & Shitfest 2013

2) MEG RYAN MARATHON –> You’ve Got Mail

Drop me an email at Kim.tranquildreams@gmail.com if you want to do a review.  I’d love to feature you here.


Vote on the post below to tell me what you think about that idea 🙂 If you had additional comments, do leave me a comment 🙂

4) A BITE OF CHINA PROJECT  continues! If you’re interested click on the link and see which recipes would interest you then send me an email.  We’ll take it from there 🙂


Eric @ Isaacs Pictures Conclusions presents SHITFEST 2013: Announcement, Update, Update#2

ALSO: Forgot to mention an additional update! I’m going to be finishing up Pirates of the Caribbean marathon soon! Still not sure when.  But at least thats an idea of whats coming up 🙂

Thanks for enduring my horrible video editing and shaky camera and all that seriousness.  I was really nervous…I’ll be better the next time, if I don’t scare any of you away!

31 thoughts on “Updates and My First Vlog!

  1. This computer (where I do most of my work) doesn’t have speakers so I’ll have to remember to watch this when I get home later! Very exciting!


  2. You know how you read a blog post and hear the blogger’s voice? Your voice is the opposite of what I’ve been hearing! 😀 It’s not a bad thing at all. Cool vlog. This is the closest I’ve come to to being in Canada.


      • Ha, just finished watching your vlog. You rock, Kim! You should do more, seriously. You’re a natural in front of the camera. 🙂

        Okey, onward with what you mentioned in your vlog. A Meg Ryan marathon would be so cool. I did one of my own a few years ago. Well, I watched the movies back-to-back for a whole week. I tell ya, there’s something about watch a movie with her in it. It’s like, when it’s over, you want to watch it again. I guess ’cause she’s so sweet and cute and all. But I think her movies have a feel-good message I’ve always appreciated, too.

        As for the Nicholas Sparks marathon…well, I agree with what you said in the vlog, so it’s not worth repeating here. You’ve pretty much summed up every book succinctly.

        I like your site right now. I think blog formats should always changed based on how we feel at the time. It’s organized, which I like!

        Finally, you asked for requests in regards to filming your vlog. How ’bout the Montreal Olympic Stadium? That’s where my gymnastics idol Nadia Comaneci once walked the track! If not, your nearest St. Hubert’s would be cool too! 😉

        Alrighty, keep up the great work. You’re doing an awesome job and I look forward to your posts.


      • A natural? Thats nice of you to say. Thanks Jack!

        Meg Ryan marathon will happen Just depends when I find all the movies. I really love her but I haven’t seen as much of her movies. I want to see how her career has changed through the years.

        Montreal Olympic Stadium..I intend to be in that region for a few fests..so you’re on. As for St. Hubert. I’ll be super self-conscious but a dinner date with my boyfriend there would be fun 🙂


  3. Kim, can’t believe I missed this! Love it. So great to hear your voice, it is surprisingly close to the one I had in my head when I read your words. I think a Nicholas Sparks marathon would be good for you, especially since you used to read all the books. The cooking I can’t help you with, only if you are planning on sending me food and having me tell you what I think of it. Great job here to step a bit out of your comfort zone and try something new. I give you a lot of credit and encouragement to do more. As you try different things you will find what you are comfortable with and what works for you. I have thought of this too, but haven’t really had the time. It is hard talking to the camera by yourself. You did a great job and I hope this is the first of many! 🙂


  4. Hi ! I’ve been following your blog very discretely 🙂 Just wanted to give you thumbs up on this, good job on taking it to the next level and stepping onto foreign grounds 🙂 You did a very nice job and it is truly a talent to be open to comments and advice like this. keep it up ! 🙂


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