Spring is HERE!

I’m about to head out to another overtime day at work.  Somehow having great fantastic sleep last night was great 🙂

Yesterday I spent resting yet again and drinking another few buckets of water and trying to flush more toxins out of my body and you know what?

I think it worked 🙂

Also, Spring has arrived in my garden with these beautiful little purple flowers lighting up one little corner.


The tulips and daffodils will be coming soon and I promise I’ll post those up as soon as they appear!

Plus, there is this song thats making me extremely happy and its stuck in my head.  I leave you with this fun song!


Something about being called a “little chickadee” makes me giggle. Maybe I am cheesy and silly that way (or simply just a romantic), but this song is just so cute. All I can do is sing and smile and dance a little. Suddenly going to work doesn’t feel too bad. I’m all amped up!

How about you? Are you all amped up for this beautiful Sunday?

9 thoughts on “Spring is HERE!

    • Age is just a number 😉 Young at heart is all that matters! It is amazing out there! I’m going out for a walk after work. And continue planning for Maine vacation! YAY! You know, its hard, I can’t decide which region to cover…Maybe I’ll drop you an email for some help soon?


  1. You’re getting more flowers than we are, and you’re further North from us! How is that possible? Usually our garden bloom in Lilacs and Tulips, but we have nothing this year. Even today, it’s another cloudy day filled with clouds and rain. I don’t mind, though. I like the rain. What’s that saying? Oh, yes: April showers bring May flowers. Well, we’ll see how true that is later this week!


    • Its late blooming this year. Last year at this time, we had already seen the daffodils and tulips. But this year, they are just coming out. At least its finally here. We’ve been partly sunny at around 20C for the last few days. Its been nice 🙂


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