Brainwash Fail!

I love going in to work on the weekends.  I love going into work on the weekend.  I love going into work on the weekends. 

I don’t feel sick.  I don’t feel sick. I don’t feel sick.

Thats what I’ve been saying to myself all of last night and all morning.

Now, I’m sitting at work taking a little 5 minute break to type this up.  I woke up this morning with a worsened sore throat despite drinking buckets of water last night and flushing out toxins every 30 minutes or so.  Resting didn’t work either.  Guess my body is protesting once again.  Did the sickness finally win? Please don’t, I still have a good few hours today and tomorrow (and Monday).

Advice: Don’t EVER take Extra Strength cough syrup before going to work.  Its starting to feel a bit dizzy and surreal.  I’m not exactly sure my brain is functioning correctly but I’m using lots of extra energy trying to make myself get back the focus I need to finish up this stuff.

A plus though, its like a normal workday.  Everyone is in the office with me stressing out and panicking over the Tuesday deadline.

While my mind is still not brainwash.  I don’t love work and I should be in bed right now. This song title matches how I feel, maybe not the content…

or maybe this one regarding sleep…at least its happier to listen to 🙂

Now before I get back to work, lets relax the mind with this thought…LONG HOT SUMMER.  I know its around the corner because there was already roadwork and weekend traffic jams.  WOOHOO!

Sarcasm is back.  Sorry about that! I’m trying to keep a part of me in place with some ramble 🙂 Because blogging makes me happy! Sickness and overstress and fatigue turns me into the following song (not that extremity) and funny enough that song keeps that part of me in check . I can already hear my boyfriend laughing..because he knows..

Sometimes, I just need to ramble 🙂 Hopefully I get my voice back and I can film that vlog this weekend! I have a few updates I want to share!

Have a fantastic weekend!

7 thoughts on “Brainwash Fail!

  1. It is sunny and spring like here today Kim. You would have to skip work and get outside if you were here!! 🙂 Loved the music, you have put some songs in my head today. Thanks. Hope you are feeling better and not required to work too much.


    • It is here also Jon! I can’t skip work today or tomorrow…taking breaks is about all I can afford right now. Glad I could put some more songs in your head. I put together this awesome feel good list on YouTube..haha! Sara Bareilles is the key artist right now 🙂


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