A Word A Week Challenge: Worker

Taking pictures of strangers are possibly the most difficult challenges to be features here.  One, its because I have this constant image of people, especially people who end up in my pictures that they will mock me or ask why I’m taking pictures of them.  When Sue @ A Word In Your Ear‘s challenge for this week is choosing the word WORKER from her dictionary, I automatically needed a few days to think about it.

Luckily, Old Montreal has been in constant road/building maintenance phase.  So I was able to look around and try to notice what work is being done and where to catch some subtle shots of workers wandering around and working hard.

In the building right in front of where I work, its been fixing the stone railings or whatnot on the roof.

I first noticed it at the bottom..


Then I realized that I could take a better picture through the window on our floor.


Excuse the weird blur, its from the zoom on my phone.

Moving on, we have a Canada Post worker.  The dear people who bring us our mail each and every day 🙂


And then in Montreal, we now have city cleaners.  They are a few people who walk around with brooms and sweep the garbage on the sidewalks.


I have to apologize for the same area all the time.  Its tax season…I work in that field so all I have is 10 minutes extra time at lunch and before and after work to and from the bus station to take pictures.  I promise more creativity after April 30th! But I’m starting to get the wonders of having a smart phone.  It takes pretty awesome pictures, right? Just need to stop using the zoom…that makes it look a little funky.

Here`s my response to Sue`s A Word A Week Challenge.  Check out her awesome blog and join in or check out the other submissions 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge: Worker

  1. Yeah, it’s quite difficult to snap them at work. They give you an awkward expression wondering what are we up to! But you snapped them from a distance, so you didn’t have to face their astonished faces, right? 😉

    By the way, nice snaps. 🙂


  2. I’ve tried a bit of street photography in the past. Getting candid photos of strangers is HARD. I just get super self conscious thinking far too much about what other people are thinking of me taking random photos! Human nature eh?

    You got some great snaps here!


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