Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

How often do we look up? It could be out in the open or even indoors.  There is so much above us that we sometimes will neglect to see the beauty when we don’t notice the details.  These last few days, that was my quest.

At first, it started out with the inspiration to do UP in the most literal sense.  Going UP…via stairs.  Just so you know, its flooded with them in Old Montreal and around where I work.  What first inspired that thought was going up the stairs after my bathroom break on the 4th floor and walking back up to the 5th.


The stairs going up to the roof.  I think they are off limits so I’ve never actually attempted to go up to see whats there but I always look up and wonder.

Fire escape on my work building

Fire escape on my work building

Do you notice what is also gorgeous about yesterday’s weather? The bright sun shining up above and the beautiful blue sky with little streaks of clouds.  Along the waterfront, I took this.  Shooting my camera up into the sky trying to catch the clouds…here is my little bit of love for my country!


The flagpole with a red and white Canadian flag as the complement to the lovely blue sky and streaks of white clouds as the backdrop. I love this weather 🙂 Makes me happy!


Turning around facing the water now, I captured the sky but with a top of the lamp post .  I thought it was a pretty cool picture with that added on. Adds a bit of urbanism, I guess? I just follow my feelings when I take pictures!

You know what I was searching for through this whole time is an iron bird (aka airplanes) in the sky or a real bird but the only chance was when I was walking home and by the time I dug out my phone to take the picture it was too far..so instead I turned around and saw the moon showing up in the still very bright sky


I spent today looking up every moment I found and it was amazing and fun! I didn’t crash into anyone or get in anyone’s way.  This is the reason I love these photo challenges.  It helps me notice the little details and little things that I tend to miss on a quick walk when everything is rushed.  That was the highlight of my day!

When you look up in the sky, what do you see? What do you love seeing in the sky?

This is my response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge:Up 🙂

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