Daily Prompt: Earworm

Yesterday’s daily promptWhat song is stuck in your head (or on permanent rotation in your CD  or MP3 player) these days? Why does it speak to you?

As of Sunday, A Dream by Common has been stuck in my head.  Why? Because I watched Freedom Writers two times.  The review will be up in a bit.  That song is really good and it reminds me of the movie a lot.  Freedom Writers is possibly one of my favorite movies that I rewatch at least once every year.

I don’t have it on my MP3 right now.  Since I’ve changed to a new one (when my old one died in November), I’m still working on getting all my music over.  Point is, this song gets stuck in my head.  I don’t rap but the beginning part is really good with a mix of Martin Luther King’s speech and integrating it with the lyrics of the song for the chorus.

Whats best is that it reflects the movie  Freedom Writers is based on a true story about a teacher that wanted to inspire change in her classroom by using non-traditional ways to allow them to see their situation in a different light.  It gave them a sense to try and integrate with each other despite different races and values and to find their own path instead of sticking to what others view of them.

I watched the special features of the thoughts of Common and Will.i.am as they made this song. They had the right values and if you read the lyrics, it not only matches the movie and the story behind it very well but because Freedom Writers is based on a true story and actual events, it also reaches out to reflect actual social issues. Actually, I never knew that Common was the singer behind this, because when I saw the special features, I knew where I saw him last, in Date Night! Back on track…

So this is stuck in my head because it has a good message behind it, reminds me of one of the most influential movies I’ve watched, and it has a good beat with catchy chorus.  Here is the song if you haven’t heard it before:

The songs in my head change all the time so when this goes up, maybe something else has already invaded it.  Who knows, right? 😉

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Earworm

  1. Nice song. I like types of music and sometimes they are in my head for days and sometimes only for a moment. I think everyone does. Music can transcend time, age and distance. A good song is a good song. I gotta dream that one day, we gonna work it out, out out. 🙂 Now this song is in my head. Thanks Kim!!


    • Its a really awesome song! 🙂 I have multiple songs go through my head..anything can spark it from just people saying something that is in lyrics that I know…If only I remembered important things, the way I remember lyrics..haha!


      • Me too!! I have a photographic lyrical memory. Unfortunately I have never found it to be a financially rewarding talent. But I am always good for a sing along. Other than the song you put on this page, what are the last five songs you were infatuated with? I think that I have been exposed to more good songs through blogging than any other place.


      • These days its nothing about infatuated..its just songs that appear on the radio ALL THE TIME in rotation and it gets stuck in my head even I’m not a huge fan when I first heard it. Off the top of my head, Only You by Cee-Lo and Laureanne Mae (or however you spell it) and When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars, Begin Again Taylor Swift, Just Give Me A Reason-Pink but the cover by Jason Chen and Megan Nicole version.


      • A classic song from my college days!! Yes and they do copy the beat just for you!! I still appreciate the ideas because almost everyone I get will turn into a search and that youtube search will bring at least one song I have never heard of that I like. Can’t wait until I have a bit of time. 🙂


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