Courage, Strength and…Cuteness

This week and even today has been a tough one.  I always like to start my Fridays with some thing cute or adorable or happy to just keep me in good spirits.

TGIF, right? *takes a deep breath* These days are tough both personal and social for me…everything is just crazy!

Lets start with a nice cover of Disney‘s Mulan Make a Man Out of You by two very talented YouTube singers Michael Henry & Justin Robinett

After some good, energetic (kind of) music got me out of bed, this morning I thought about this video that I had seen months ago. Hopefully this will make for a (more) uplifting weekends.  Forget some of the troubles… with CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

Let’s play but don’t let bullies win! Is that what you get from this? Although the tiger is being extremely docile…

Watching this makes me smile.  So clumsy and cute 🙂

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend!

I have no idea what to post for this weekend.  We’ll see what I get around to doing: movies, photography, baking or the forever in planning vlog…Anything you want to see?

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